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Abandoned house New Orleans

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May it never happen again.
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  1. Ivinia4:26
  2. Kate1094:42
  3. lionking4:56
  4. bess31104:59
  5. grannydupuis5:22
  6. pauleysteph5:26
  7. spudulike5:41
  8. kirikee5:48
  9. Bambib5:53
  10. Laukie6:16


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I agree with metamagoo. .i think I want someone to come and hitch the little house up. Houses have souls


Thanks for sharing the puzz.

Arghh, just heard it's a tragedy, is that possible? I think there are other things that are really tragic. Especially if the pirate's parrot died after saying you are tragic.

This doesn't strike me as funny -- it's an sad end for a little house which at one time probably sheltered a family. To think that a hurricane could cause the loss of everything in someone's life is a real tragedy... particularly with the lack of adequate insurance so many faced. I agree with justyou's comment "May it never happen again."

You made me laugh, thanks. I accidentally deleted my original comment.

If those walls could only talk!!


Me thought that's how they're 'spost to look!?

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