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An Invitation To Sleep

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"An Invitation To Sleep

Little eyelids, cease your winking;
Little orbs, forget to beam;
Little soul, to slumber sinking,
Let the fairies rule your dream.
Breezes, through the lattice sweeping,
Sing their lullabies the while--
And a star-ray, softly creeping
To thy bedside, woos thy smile.
But no song nor ray entrancing
Can allure thee from the spell
Of the tiny fairies dancing
O'er the eyes they love so well.
See, we come in countless number--
I, their queen, and all my court--
Haste, my precious one, to slumber
Which invites our fairy sport".

The poem in Today's Daily Jigsaw Puzzle is titled "An Invitation To Sleep" and the author is American writer Eugene Field (1850 – 1895).
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  1. jmd274:07
  2. willd4:56
  3. Thyme6:07
  4. senrabyar6:08
  5. knittwitch6:14
  6. mastasik6:16
  7. MarshaG616:19
  8. Ivinia6:29
  9. YosemiteSam6:30
  10. grimric6:38


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How absolutely adorable! TY


I love the way the kitty wrapped her arm around the puppy. I remember Eugene Field from college 20th Century Poetry, but not as well as @SandiT!

Sweet picture, tricky puzzle. Thanks so much !


Love the sweet bond between different type pets. Just an adorable puzzle photo.

This reminds me of my cat and her puppy. She passed six months after he did.


Eugene Field is one of my very favorite poets. I love "The Duel" (the gingham dog and the calico cat) and Jest "Fore Christmas." Thanks for the sweet solve, Jigidi.

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21 July 2019 - 9 August 2016
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