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My Ponytail Palm has grooooown!

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It's about 4metres tall, and is 25 years old!
They originated in Mexico - Beaucarnea recurvate.
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Thanks snooker :))

They're a fairly common plant Ami - and tough too :))) Thanks!


Neat, I've never heard of this one before (or seen one either). Nice pic Robyn!

Nice photo with the shadows playing through it.


Now that would have been one heavy load Nev :))) was great that it was going to a good home nearby!! Thanks!!


Thanks Floyd!!!


Good work taking care the that nice tree.
Thanks Rob.


Thanks Barb - my pleasure!!

They're slow-growers Beekay, and not a true palm, but very popular as a potted plant! Thanks!!

Unfortunately no, Dave! I think you have to buy new plants - I've never seen one that sends out new plants! Those are just a couple of other plants around the base! Thanks!


Those arent a few babies at the base of the big tree are they? You've taken good care of it Robyn!!


Aptly named Rob! But hard to believe it's that old for the size of it.


This is a great one, Rob! Thanks for sharing it with us :)
I grew them in pots :)


Mine started out in a pot Janet - but has been in the ground for at least 20 years!!! My neighbours have 2 in the ground & one flowered last year - and it was spectacular!! I'm just wondering if mine ever will!! Thanks !!


That is a wonderful big one. Mine is only small, given to me by a friend, and still in a pot. Hugs, janet


My pleasure Cathy!! Thanks!

Most are grown in pots and are a couple of metres tall, but in the ground they can reach about 5 metres chookie. They grow well in the ground here - because we don't get frosts.


I haven't seen this one either, rob, how tall can they get??


I've never seen a ponytail palm. Thanks for the picture Rob.

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