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More Snow!

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I woke up this morning to more snow.
Saturday January 16, 2021
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Beautiful! Great far reaching views of open countryside, lots of space, We live in a lovely old stone cottage with great views, the downside? we are 1/3rd of a mile from the dustbins! But our local postman comes up to the house and leaves post/parcels in the conservatory! Thank you for great postings, kind regards, Marj


Im not sure if my current home is visible on satellite as it’s surrounded by tall trees. I’ll have to look.

It takes time to update, sometimes.
There is quite a lot building where I am. I also do check and sometimes it is updated.


I just checked Google Satellite, and while my house is there, the house behind mine that was built when mine was finished isn't there, and there's no sign construction having started. The house next to mine shows two of my neighbors cars on the driveway, but their fence and mine are missing.


I heard the cows this morning. I guess they don't like the cold. :D


That’s funny. At my old place the photo changed when I got a new car, so it had been updated.

That is an old photo then. And a new area.
Mine is about 50 years old.


Some of the houses on the outside of our circle back up to forested areas, but there aren't any big trees within the neighborhood.
The rest of the houses on the outside of our circle back up to farms. Some days I can hear the cows mooing from the fields behind the across-the-street neighbors.

If you knew where I lived and looked at Google Maps street views there are no houses that show up on the circle. It's all dirt fields.


If a three hundred year old tree falls on me, it must be my time. :-)

I am surrounded by trees, and they do fall.


I used to weed eat about two of my ten acres every late spring. Too hilly for much mowing except right next to the house. It was northern foothills so lots of seasonal wildflowers but high fire danger in summer. Now I have no lawn. Just lots of pine needles and trees. More pines and way less oaks.

All true, and you are right about everything.
Loud parties are everywhere. Blocking driveways as well.


@Juba1010 - the neighbor with the driveway in the upper left is a couple in their 50s. The road is a circle with our houses being at about 2 o'clock. Their daughter lives at about 7 o'clock on our circle. In the summer he mows his lawn, then drives his mower around the circle and does her yard, then drives it back. I have a John Deere E130, which is a ride on mower. His is a full sized tractor with huge rear wheels, something you expect to be plowing a field not mowing a lawn.


I do miss the 10 acres I used to live on. Very private and quiet. My husband had other plans for his life. I’m so glad to have found a place so close to my grandson. He’s the new love of my life.


@Juba1010 - I grew up in S. California, and still have a lot of family there. And yes, the lots are minuscule!
My lot is just over 1/2 acre and my home is 3 bed/2 bath. I just did a quick websearch for homes for sale in California, and the cheapest I saw that weren't manufactured homes on rental lots started at about double what I paid on much smaller lots.

@Ianto - one of the great things about owning a home is being able to work in your own garden and yard, and to feel the satisfaction of a well groomed yard. ;D

Oh, and not having to deal with neighbors throwing parties with guests that either take your assigned parking space, or park blocking you in. Been there. Done that. Bought a house. :D

It will be money well spent. Sooner or latter.


I bought a snow blower last summer for my daughter and SIL to use and then come do mine because I’m just down the street. Hasn’t snowed enough to need it yet. My definition of “I’ll buy if you’ll fly”.

One of the good things about living in a complex. Some one else deals with the mowing, planting and the snow shoveling.


You really do have some lovely big lots. Those would be hard to find in California. Land is expensive here.


Thanks for the tour Bob. I remember the pics of your house when you first moved in. I absolutely agree with you about privacy and that of my neighbors. I was kinda pulling your leg about landscaping. My constant battle with raking is the result of living in a small neighborhood with existing forest. I love the trees and the shade but right now the Incense Cedars are blooming and raining yellow pollen everywhere outside. It gets tracked in and feels like flour on the floor. My allergies are torturing me. We could use some snow to knock it all down out of the trees. :-)


My house and the one to the right are just over two years old. Other than a few bushes next to my neighbors entry stairs, neither of us have done much related to landscaping, although my neighbors do have a lawn service that has sprayed grass seed on their front yard a couple of times. My neighbors have a dog, so their backyard is even more barren than the front yard.

The brown section that runs along the top of the picture is the road I live on, and is pretty narrow. The brown sections run towards the top of the picture from the road are the driveways of my across-the-street neighbors, just as the brown section on the left is my driveway, and the one on the right is my neighbors driveway.

If you zoom in on the solved puzzle you'll see my mailbox in the upper left corner on the other side of the street. And to the left of it on my side of the street you can see a narrow white pole sticking up. That's the marker for that side of my property.
In the upper right corner you'll see two green posts with another narrow white pole behind the taller one. That's the marker for the right side of my property. The green posts are utility boxes. Right next to them is an in ground box that's the water meter.

I'm planning for flowering plants in the bed to the left of my stairs. The following puzzle shows my house from the street, and the small bed between the stairs and the garage.

I have some weed killer/fertilizer I'll start with in the Spring on the narrow section of my yard next to the driveway. I have to wait a specific period of time after putting down the weed killer, and then will seed the area with tall fescue, which should do well here in Tennessee.

The neighbors across the street have plants in front of their homes, and well developed lawns as their houses have been there a lot longer than mine. But I intentionally framed the shot to keep their homes out of the picture. I'm personally very protective of my privacy, and respect the privacy of others.


Landscaping prohibited neighborhood? :-)

It is not much, that is good.


Pretty. I love your sidewalk. Thanks for sharing, racoonstar.

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