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And so they all lived happily ever after!!

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  1. BarbaraL1:55
  2. bea681:56
  3. jangel2:02
  4. jackieloo2:06
  5. pdevredis2:13
  6. whatnauts2:27
  7. christom2:30
  8. lelabugosi2:32
  9. cactuspatch2:39
  10. betann2:42


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They are cosmic, that's why!! Thanks so very much whatnauts!!


Wow, the chicks sure did grow up fast. Glad to see they didn't lose their colourful plumage.

Thanks Hanne and Bent.


Thanks Jan, but you forgot all of you who come in with comments and join in the jokes!! Thank you Jan for following and for all you nice comments!!


It is very absurd! That's what makes it so fun and so funny. Thanks to Bent for his creativity and thank to Robbie for his sense of humor, especially about those enormous ears! And thanks to Lela - well just for being Lela! and, most of all, thanks Hanne!!! Fun tale!


Thanks so very much Lela, he loves doing things like this, I don't have to push him at all!! Greetings from him - and "Just wait for tomorrow!"

Mimi, thanks to Lela, who was the one to invent the cosmic egg, and Robbie, who played so well in his part of it, this became a "story", that was never planned!! Thanks so much for following!! Actually it's rather absurd, but that's what I love about jigidi and it's members!!


This has got to be one of my all time favorites - and to think I even know the people pictured! I don't know the chickens but I'm sure they're delightful too! Hanne, you and Bent are wonderful!


Chubbiel........I am totally relaxed, as my robe allows for plenty of movement, unlike your little costume - which looks, shall we say. a little 'tight' around the middle......
Of course, I would have looked even more totally relaxed if you hadn't tried to steal my magic hat while I was sleeping below the trees........just as well I'd placed that giant spider under it - that soon stopped you!....
Hanne, please thank Bent for going to all this trouble......these have been SOOO FUNNY!......


OOhhhh, it's SO good that you've got those ears!! As any good scout you've got to be prepared for whatever!! Thanks so VERY much Robbie!!


Hanne and Bent, this is hilarious!! Lela is looking a little perplexed, tired, haggard and not too sure about this situation.........I on the other hand look vibrant, relaxed and happy in this role! With four more chickens than Lela, my ears are tuned in for any dangerous animals lurking amongst the mushroom trees and red earth hills. Don't worry Lela, we will live happily ever after!!! HA HA HA!!! Lots of TROUBLE!!!!!!

Thanks so much Hanne and Bent for the thought and fun.

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