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Would anyone want to give us a hand with this, by any chance? ♥️
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Makes me want to be out in the garden. Thank you for sharing.

I had forgotten about the sunlight. It seems you can grow the most healthy veges.

Keep warm and safe and thank you for the information.


@sheltipups Lots of vegetables do surprisingly well up here. We can forget about corn (maize) and zucchini (courgette) and beans, but carrots, all the brassicas and most types of lettuce thrive. Sure, the growing season is short, but ten weeks of 24-hour sunlight make up for that. My strawberries and raspberries are to die for. The snow is usually gone by the third week of May.

Do you have to have special plants because you must have a very short growing season. When will all the snow be gone?


Ohhh! I can smell the tang of the marigolds and the gerroffme scent those tomato plants give off when you brush against them. Still way too early for gardening in far northern Norway. The snow covering my potato patch is still deeper than I am tall!


If you would bring them to my yard...;-))

Looks like someone is longing for spring. Thank you!

Precioso y colorido puzzle.
Desde Mallorca estiramos la mano hasta donde llegue para poder ayudar 😉🤗👍


Where do I begin. First put on my garden boots. That is a must. Then onward and forward. Easy to say. I doubt I could move that wheel barrow

Nice colourful picture, thank you.

It's a bit early for marigolds in the lower mainland of BC, but I will be doing spring cleanup in the next few days.

I'll help too, last week in May!


I would love to help....... when it gets warmer😊


Looks like fun. I'm in. :)

I'm too arthritic to garden, but will enjoy other people's efforts in a few months time. Still a fair amount of snow here in northern Ontario.


I would be happy to help set out these marigolds! It's a bit early where I live (Missouri, USA), but we will cover them when it gets cold again and they will be fine till the weather warms. I am an avid gardener and grow lots of veggies in my garden.

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