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Kingfisher - The dazzling jewel of the British bird scene, but surprisingly, they are not an everyday sight for most people. Despite their bright colours, kingfishers can be easily overlooked as they spend a lot their time perched motionless by riverbanks.
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  1. Juanca28102:06
  2. uca2:45
  3. dotshell2:58
  4. Kathryn87652:58
  5. glenestele3:00
  6. slarotonda3:01
  7. dfs7573:06
  8. kareng3:17
  9. BubbaLou3:24
  10. pedro11113:25


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Looks lit up from the inside. Mother Nature showing off and enjoying her talents.


The colors are so amazingly bright. Thank you for the great puzzle.

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