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  1. morgans1225:50
  2. TreborNovy27:19
  3. puzzelfool28:02
  4. ratrace30:34
  5. papahen31:14
  6. msmonmon31:57
  7. jerrydean34:47
  8. JanHe36:18
  9. zannne36:25
  10. Puzzelinator37:51


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Actually they are not destructive in nature's terms, they are natures engineers. They are the water managers and flood controllers. When they were wiped out in British Columbia in the early 1900s the Fraser River was often in flood. Once they were introduced the flooding decreased dramatically. The main problem now is that their habitat has shrunk and the little devils have to dam up things like culverts. Keeps the local councils busy preventing local flooding!


LOL, yes and amazing that something so cute can be so destructive :)


Industrious little things aren't they!

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