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Mom gave me a bath today

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I need a nap!
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  1. DeDonder5:39
  2. hurshy7:13
  3. lindaleigh7:47
  4. tisketsmum8:20
  5. amf8:21
  6. cbmuller8:54
  7. bhelen9:13
  8. JoAnn59:26
  9. Pammi10:26
  10. K200010:27


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Poor little guy. Now he deserves extra treats for putting up with the indignity of it all .


Pammi - Reese's would love all the cuddles she could get after her bath she is so soft today and is back to normal. I told her that Little Bit, Reese's mom would be getting a bath in a few days also!


Ohhh, don't you just look so scrumptious after your bath, Reese's???? Would love to give you a cuddle - too bad I'm so far away. ♥


Impie, cbmuller & bhelen - Mr. Quinn said Reese's was cold tonight so he turned the electric blanket on for her so she is snug and sleep right now and so so soft from her bath!


You'll feel much better, when you're all dried off and smelling squeaky clean!


How great to be all clean and now all snug in your bath towel!


Are you tired from the bath Reese's? Have a good rest and a good nap and you'll be right as rain soon!♥

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