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From the bottom of my heart I thank you all of you for your support, prayers and kind words during this difficult time. Big hugs to all.
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It's great to see you again on Jigidi, Graci.


With each piece of the puzzle, as it clicked in place, I felt you were returning to us. Know we are always here for you. With much love and warm hugs. ♥


Welcome back Gracie♥ I've missed you!! XX♥


Hi dear, I did not know. I'm sorry. Yes this is a difficult time for you. You took so much care and for such a long time. Now you have to start a whole new life. Alone, but I'm sure with lots of support of the kids. I wish you much strength and send you some big hugs. All the best dear. ♥♥♥


Gracie, Hello again. You always seemed to have a Jigidi knack of posting just the kind of puzzles I like so it's encouraging to see you emerging to collect all our good wishes and prayers for you. We've got a big warm hug waiting for you. Marilyn


Good to 'see' you again Gracie, we all have missed you very much. Take care and we will be here when you are ready dear friend. Hugs and love for you. xxx♥♥♥


Good to hear from you, Gracie. Best wishes.


I'm sending you thoughts of peace and comfort during this time, Gracie. It's wonderful to hear from you my friend. ♥♥♥


Good to see you Gracie, thank you for the beautiful bouquet, it is just gorgeous :)


I see a rosy future if we aren't lacka-daisy-cal

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