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Rosie these are the type of planes I worked on, the cute nurse on the far right, I know well , she's a little thing probably doesn't weigh 100 pounds, Its people like her and the patients that we were so safety conscious about. I am so glad in my years working on planes I didn't kill anybody. I do watch that program Ice Pilots , I've worked on those type planes also DC-4 and C-46'S. You may have got Kalitta's big plane operation, I have worked on those too 747's , 7-27's DC-8's DC-9's DC-6's Never worked on C-130 ,but have flown in them , never worked on Huey either But thought the guys who flew them in Nam were the bravest pilots in the world. You know how I admired them , they were my hero's


Great picture of a Koala, Australia really has some interesting animals. Rosie ,this is the picture in question. I got the impression they thought I thought like this, it couldn't be further from the truth. I guess I took some of the comments the wrong way .Then no one was commenting on my other puzzles . I thought they blacklisted me so I decided to go away. I was down to one last puzzle and Spricey commented on the sleeping Giant Puzzle , and Mags asked someone what's going on, all Jims puzzles are gone. That's when I found out how great and caring all you jigidi people are.


Thank you, Rosie, this certainly is a lovely picture.


Thanks to all who have welcomed me. Sorry I haven't been back sooner but am trying to learn all I can about making some of the beautiful kaliedoscopes and fractals and grids. Have been spending loads of time on Jigidi and am in the process of being disowned by my family if I don't cut back. This was my favorite picture of my trip to Australia and actually this is from a postcard but thought it made a great 1st puzzle. And, for all my name is Rosie and I reside in Minnesota.

Have numerous people from Oz (Australia) on here. From all over the world actually. The koala made me think of them. Welcome.


Welcome to jigidi R3, this was a fun puzzle and a beautiful picture, thanks.


Welcome! Cute. I haven't been here long, but I'm sure having a lot of fun and hope you do too.


Welcom at jigidi-- And thank for your comment at my puzzle (Appelflappen)
this is a cute one


Love the koala, thanks for the post.


Hi there roerick3. You've given me some wonderful compliments. Thank you. I'm Deborah...and who might you be?


Cute. Nice to see. Thanks.

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