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All yoiu need is less

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What we all should heed.
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I wish I could get this into my head...ha


This is becoming a classic around here!!! I love it!!!


Less is More !! Love this also and was fun to do !! :)

When I have possessions I always try to own them for my purposes and not have them own me.


me too belle....I truly believe in this concept


this still works for me!!!!


I know this is true...since I moved from my house to a 2300foot condo.....I had to get rid of soooo much..and yet when I moved I had more than I for posting...good you have a nice site


I want to frame this one!!!!! Terrific. Thanks.


So true!


hi fodus - fun to do and so TRUE xxxxx


That white orchid took 4 years to rebloom.

I had to translate it into Czech, and I agree.


Thank you for the comment on the coasters! That's a great idea!


Thank you for the comment on the Bird of Paradise. Those plates must be antique by now!


Happy Birthday Fodus, I turned 78 on the 15th June and my brother turned 80 on the 14th, must have been a good week


Ah, but don't you understand? We live in a consumer society; if everybody stopped buying stuff they don't need, the whole economy would tank, unemployment would skyrocket, hunger and homelessness would rise - oh, wait....


I don't know if turtle soup is legal in the USA. I had it once, when I was a teenager, but sometime later it became illegal due to protecting the turtles, or some such.

Good one fodus! The pleasure you feel when you unclutter your life of the unnecessary "things" & give them to someone who REALLY needs them - makes me wanna sing like James Brown: I feel good now! Nanananana! ♥


So you know: "Most people immediately assume that any web content is public property. It’s easy to copy images, articles, fonts or videos off the net. But if you don’t have the permission from the owner, you are illegally stealing and this could lead you to many legal troubles." see:


Happy new year, Fodus!! Bless you!!


Have a wonderful holiday, fodus. Its been a real pleasure getting to know you!


That's for sure!


You got it right, fodus.


More is better!


Thanks for the lecture. Your philosophy is your own. Now back to the puzzles.

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