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Christmas Concert the other side

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  1. Temple5434:28
  2. sigma37:54
  3. Dgoodwyn3738:16
  4. 3stephanie1339:55
  5. Vic1240:38
  6. Zwergi7840:53
  7. jamjam199043:08
  8. helburl45:33
  9. fed196046:22
  10. woody5746:31


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No thanks wonder, I try to make the puzzles in large en small.

Thank you for making these delightful puzzles small enough that I can enjoy them. 300 pieces is about the largest my iPad can hold. And I do love these funny puzzles!!!

What an almost "riot"...getting anything, everything remotely suggesting Christmas into the program! Haven't figured out what the man in the white church over the manger is concerned about---something that went flying up....The piano player has 'purple' hair!!! All the kiddies sitting on the floor in front of the stage...what a RIOT!!!
Tiny fairies or leprachauns in upper right hand corner...
One could look at this for hours to see different things.
Again...for me, it is the expression on those faces!
Thank you for sharing so much good humor! Lorraine

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