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Eat it - criminalized or not :-)))))

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  1. popoko0:11
  2. lordmojo0:11
  3. perleblanche0:13
  4. Bella10000:13
  5. Zebrapleco10:14
  6. puzzeljac0:15
  7. Robbos0:16
  8. Deanna0:16
  9. Ianto0:17
  10. alias2v0:17


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Thank you so much for the fun Jean, Juba, Rebecca and Janet. :-)))))


I wonder what the onion relish did to be in serious trouble! Thanks for a laugh Sissel, perhaps it "caramelized." Hugs. ♥


"People have been hoarding sweet onions. We took what we could get. "


I would like one. Every onion needs a second chance.


You can criminalize onion relish if you put in the wrong ingredients- like garlic, which is the same family but the distant cousins nobody wants to spend too much time with!


Thank you Alex. A good one :-)))) Some overuse their workers

Accepted Girlina :OOOO Thanks

Yes Fiona, and you love them. Sorry :-)))))) How did the plumming work out???

Thanks Headshot - many people likes them :-))))

It is sharing time Jimez and Fiona. Let me have a bite or two if there is leftovers :-)))))))


Of course.


I could manage a third or a half sandwich. Anyone here want to share?

@jimez ?


I'll take two of those bad boys. :)


Mmmmh, Roastbeef and Onions - that truly is Gangstas Paradise ;-)


If you incorrectly caramelize your onions, you are going to JAIL!

As long as the boss didn't push the worker into the sandwich press, it's ok to eat this.


The boss pushed a poor worker too hard :-)))))

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