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Northern Bald Ibis, endangered

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The Northern Bald Ibis has a very distinctive appearance, with a bare red face, neck and throat and long, narrow feathers projecting from the back of the head and neck, forming a dark ‘ruff’.
Their numbers have continuously declined over the centuries due to unidentified natural events like climate cooling. Its family, the Threskiornithidae, dates back to fossil records from 60 million years ago, and it shares its genus, Geronticus, with only one other species.
Their decline has accelerated in recent decades due to pressures from human activities and the species now listed as Critically Endangered. A major population crash occurred in the 1950s with the introduction of pesticides, notably DDT. It disappeared from virtually all of its existing range apart from two sites in Morocco.
Conservation efforts were initiated in the 1970s and breeding individuals have since been located in Syria. One innovative conservation effort carried out by the Waldrapp team successfully hand-reared Northern Bald Ibises and released them into the wild by training them to follow a para-motor. This paved the way for a range of innovative release methodologies. Captive breeding programmes and recent satellite tracking has given greater insight into the biology and movements of the species, such that its survival looks positive. However, over 95% of truly wild birds are concentrated in one subpopulation in Morocco.
Order: PelecaniformesFamily: ThreskiornithidaePopulation: 200-240
Trend: decreasing
Size: 70-80 cm Weight: 1-1.3kg
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Well Wendy, we used to have a saying "a face only a mother could love". I think it fits, but I like him just the same.
Costajig, I feel the same way about the Jigidi "family" and the connectedness. Thanks for writing in.

One more reason I love Jigidi, information from all over the world. It makes me feel connected in a very special way. Thank you for this info.

His feathers are quite beautiful, but oh! that face!

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