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A bird stalking clams

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Hi BirdNana, and thanks. It looks like megabelle2000 solved the mystery. It's a limpkin. I couldn't find the right type when I searched for clam-eating birds. Two types looked a little similar but with shorter legs. After megabelle mentioned it I looked at other images and everything matches, including the coloring. There's only this one at the little pond near where I live. It seems to sleep in the tall reeds near the water. Never saw any other of the type.


Thanks you Patti and Suzy. The late afternoon sun made good light for this shot. I wish you could see the higher-resolution version. The little water droplet in the center of one of the ripples (or maybe it's the upward reaction of the water) shows up a little nicer.


From feathers to ripples in the water-a wonderful photo.


Gorgeous, gorgeous photo!

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