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Comes out every night to get a bite to eat on
the top of the berm.
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  1. shyd1:16
  2. BarbaraL1:20
  3. SamSammy1:38
  4. francine19471:42
  5. mapletree1:47
  6. freetime1:49
  7. syfmp1:53
  8. mtrehal1:53
  9. mia06101:56


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Thank you Sara, I am going to try and post some pictures. Its hard trying to get her to
pose, she is not a Sammy. But I will go through those that I took yesterday & see what
I can post. Hope everything is okay with you Sara. Evelyn, say Happy Birthday to Destiny
from us. That is too funny about that kitten, strange things do happen, wonder what is
going to happen when she is full grown.

Hi Pat, so glad Bishka is in good health, your going to have such a wonderful time with the ''ups and downs'' of a new friend, but in the end it's all worth it...good luck and keep us updated, I'm so happy for you...


Bishka is a very healthy dog. The shelter did not remove her stitches from May 15th, so
we had to do that yesterday also. Everyone at the vets came in to greet her, as they all
know me, and she gave them kisses. Dr. took her in the back to meet her dog, and she
said Bishka was not aggressive, but thinks she is the alpha dog. She told me to buy a
gentle leader so I can control her better. Won't go walking, except up and down the
driveways until I can handle her. She also gave me the names of an obedience school,
which I may try. That is so funny about the kittens, the wonders of the world. Rocket
is just a little stinker. I ran out of food here for everyone, so I am going to leave her
alone for a little while today while I go to the store, we'll see how she makes out,
hopefully all will be okay. Take care & have a great weekend Evelyn..


Missy had a friend out there last night, but would not share. Chased it away several times.
I am trying not to make friends, as now I have Bishka. She is very nervous outside, and
her attention span is short. She must have had a bad life before now, but hopefully
I can cure that. We go to the vet this afternoon to get her all checked out. I pray
everything is okay. Have a nice weekend..


Yronne, thanks, as I don't know how to do that, will take some pictures & post them
soon, as my camera battery was low yesterday, as I will try & get some pictures today.


Great picture Pat!! How wonderful she comes every night! Going to post a puzzle for you now! :))

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