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Trying Barb's format

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From what I can see this is the third vote for the bottom right kal. It's stupendous. I'd love to see it as the main part of a puzzle, but I'll take what I can get. Lovely puzzle Latifa...thanks...♥


Thanks so much Audrey! This was a fun one to create :0)

The large one is just great , but then when I start to look at all the others then I really love bottom row right and bottom row left . This is a great set so thank you for the pleasure this gives Audrey T


Good to hear jacki - thanks!

Glad you like them Kirsten! I am always amazed at your kaleidos! They are unique from what I have seen :0)


These are beautiful kaleidos, latifa! Thanks!! (•‿•)


i think it's lovely latifa. and i like them all. thanks.


Thanks for trying it out Barb! Glad you found a couple of favorites :0)


Lovely, Latifa. My favourites are the large one and the one in the lower right corner. :-)


I really like that one too Dilubreuer! That's why it's the biggest. Thanks!


The big one is prettiest...




Okay! I'll start exploring it - thanks!


Should you use the Monkey, I could tell you what to do to get the rounded edges :)


Thanks Barb! I'm glad you like it. No, I didn't use PicMonkey. I made my own with photoshop.


Latifa, are you using PicMonkey to make your collages?
I myself love this format, and I see that you do too :) And I love the kals that you used for this collage, each one is a beauty and I can't decide for a fave.....


Thanks to you too Jill! That was the last one I came up with after trying others before I was happy. Felt like I had to work for it :0)


Thanks so much Francine!


Just lovely! I especially like the lower right kaleido. Thanks, Latifa :)


Good puzzle. Thanks, latifa


Thanks Barb! But I like the little diamonds in your border - mine is just a bunch of straight lines. :0)

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