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Nortie loves to be vacuumed (so does Tootsie)

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  1. like921150:20
  2. anettka850:21
  3. maggiehelen0:23
  4. nela090:25
  5. Rozsamama0:25
  6. oregonrose130:26
  7. wjl10150:27
  8. Majyck0:29
  9. ctf3210:30
  10. hadzi0:31


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No, you're not odd. It's the rest of us that's odd....


Who could ever have had a clue that Ada vacuums her hair?!

I had a terrific cat once, Aaron. As a kitten, I'd put him on my shoulder while I was vacuuming. Got a few claw marks, but he eventually got used to it. He also loved being vacuumed. He was Norton's best friend until he died in 2001. Thanks for asking, and I'll give Norton, who's on my lap, some extra pets from you.


I just can't believe this, Gail. Did you have a clue that Ada vacuums her hair? Oh, now about the cats - You have mentioned this before and it leaves me awed. My cats run as far as way as they can get when a vacuum is turned on anywhere in the hours. I understand about deaf cats not running away. Love ya, Ada. Thanks for a fun puzzle, Gail. Pets for Norton and the rest of the babies.


I always thought you were odd, but now I'm convinced....

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