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Pansies by the hundred..

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Why are you reporting this puzzle? Queen's Park Gardens, Toowoomba.
The Carnival of Flowers is on for 10 days and we went on Sunday.

Toowoomba is 125km (75miles) west of Brisbane (1.5 hour drive) on the edge of the Great Dividing Range and is 700 metres above sea level. Because of this elevation it has a cooler & dryer climate than Brisbane.
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  1. fv370:08
  2. moon89620:10
  3. jntleman0:10
  4. BOHU51CZ0:11
  5. pumpkinhead0:12
  6. lyndee0:13
  7. glenestele0:13
  8. warbler0:13
  9. Cairnwyn0:13
  10. davehenry10:13


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It's dead easy Cathy - I have IrfanView installed and that makes it easy!! Thanks!!


I love the wider view and then the close up!! Thanks Rob!!
I really must learn how to do these collages. : )


Oh wow! That's good news Janet:))) I still have more Toowoomba pics to post - it was so easy to go crazy with the camera:)))) Thanks:))))


Yes I think thousands, Rob. So pretty too. I'm enjoying your Toowoomba pics, seeing I missed out. Thanks and hugs, janet.

I got some little pots of cuttings started today, fingers crossed. The weather should be perfect. ♥


There was certainly plenty of smiles in this lot snooker - thanks:)))

Thanks smllpkg - my pleasure:)))


Just beautiful!

Always nice to see their smiling faces. :)


Thanks Lunie:))


what a pattern! so lovely! tfs.


...maybe millions Dave:))) I didn't want to exaggerate though:))))

There were so many different faces too Suzy - thanks!!

LOL!! I thought you might like this colour Barb:))))) Thanks!!

Thanks Beekay - the pansies were there in lots of colours and I'll post some more next time!!


So pretty! They are one of our very first spring flowers which make them extra special to see :-))


Wow! Look how neat are they planted! Yes, blue and white is my favorite combination of colors :)))) Thank you Rob!


Hundreds of pretty pansy faces! What a treat to have near by!


I think you meant to say "thousand" instead of hundred, Robyn!!! Beautiful!! Thanks for taking photos for us!!


Thanks Patti, Lyndee and Ami - the bees were kept busy:)))


I like the color scheme of the white and purple.


How nice to live so close to this beautiful place.


Wow. Gorgeous, Robyn!

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