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In between storms .. 04/02/2024
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  10. Mlford10:14


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Thanks Lorna, Ardy, Val and LArry .. Don't know how I missed this one .. Guess I'm Getting old .. :-)))


Didn't fully comprehend it at the time, but when I I got my D/L, my uncle gave me some wise advise. He said, "It's easier to watch where you're going then to watch where you're going plus where you've been." After a while driving it became very clear.


I was reading this morning that NZ drivers are some of the worst in the world, if you get to a passing lane they will speed up so you can not safely pass them. We have the most accidents over Easter in years. A very good thought thank you Pat ☺♥


Good morning, Pat. We don't seemed to have "between" storms these days. It just keeps on raining. At least it fills the birdbath. Excellent thought. I'm happy not to be driving these days although I miss being able to come and go as I wish. ☺ Thank you. Hugs


This is so true, yet it seems far too many people are happy to forget it. Thanks and hugs Pat.


Thanks surfergirl .. :-)))

True .


Thanks Robin .. Never gave that a thought .. Hugs


Good advice, especially from an owner of a trucking company! :)

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