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My garden . .

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Snow in my garden . .
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Hey, wait. This isn't Maine? LOL I do like this one.




Thank you Lorna, you’re a welcome guest, anytime! It’s usually a bit cooler under the Shagbark Hickory trees, we might enjoy some cold lemonade and . . a slice of quiche too :)


In our current heatwave, even snow looks inviting! Your garden looks and sounds lovely Tea .


Hello Sondra, I know it’s getting late to be reading comments, but maybe you’ll see this in the morning. I’m glad you like my shade garden, you’re welcomed to come anytime! Painting yard furniture gave me something to do during the pandemic, I like the green color :) It looks like we’ve lived in some of the same places, I’ve lived in Florida, around Atlanta and North Carolina. We know how to pick good places to live :)) I like the 4 seasons in TN, there’s just enough snow to have fun with a few times and then Spring shows up! Well, I don’t want my comment to get too long. Have a great week Sondra ..


Looks so peaceful and quiet. We have lived in N. Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia for a few years. I am a native Floridian, so my first experience with snow was breathtaking. I mostly noticed how everything was so still and quiet. It was like the snow muffled out the noise.
I've have always loved Tennessee. We almost moved to Knoxville. We visited the area in the Spring and the trees and flowers were in full bloom. What a beautiful time to visit Tennessee.


A pleasant idea, one of these days we might! I love good conversations in gardens! I’m smiling, that’s nice of you to want to make us something special, but since I don’t drink, just coffee or tea would be lovely. I’d like to see your Florida plants, the shades of bright green & bluish green, but I’ve already said that in another text :) In a few days, I’ll post 4 puzzles from Amelia Island, Florida. The hanging moss, ferns and old oak trees are what I think looks ‘Floridian’. It’s getting kinda late, I think I’ll work another puzzle and then turn in early. Have a good evening . .


Tea...OH! I would love to spend a day or two in TN with you and that great garden setting. The Koi pond . It sounds like a movie setting. Please send me a picture of the garden when the season changes. You are welcome to stop here in Fl, and instead of tea I will make a shaker of Margaritas on ice for us to share. Thanks for the invite Linda


. . . Well, these snow days only last a few days so most of the year we can enjoy being in the garden. Besides, I have a fire pit for cool evenings. The area where the chairs are in the photo, is flat, with pea gravel like the paths. The middle is dotted with monkey grass clumps and mulch. To the right of the chairs is a koi pond, another sitting area and a hammock. The whole garden is under a canopy of Hickory trees. It’s pleasant, low maintenance . . and quiet :) If you’re every passing thru, stop and have a pot of tea with me . . that’s your official invitation ;)


Hi Tea...The garden setting looks very cozy. Probably will be more inviting without the snow. Still it looks so still and beautiful .Yesterday and today it was 75 degrees and today it was 78degrees. These old bones can't handle the cold weather anymore. After you live here many years, your blood thins out normally and we can't handle any cold temperatures, no matter what age you are. Thanks for posting this puzzle .SSSW Linda


Well, the good thing about living in this state is we have 5 distinct seasons: A long spring, a sunny summer, a colorful fall, a short winter and . . football season :)


It makes a lovely postcard, Tea, but I prefer my sunny weather for real life! I'd go nuts if I couldn't walk every day. Giving up a few days for rain makes me grouchy enough, even though I know we need the rain. :-)

Thanks for tagging me, JillianB.


Ah, now I know. I mentioned it to her in a comment, under one of her puzzles. She lives in San Diego . . snow deprived, lol :) Maybe she’ll notice after work.


PS the @Ginni2 doesn’t notify them from the description part, has to be placed as a comment ;-)


You’re welcome to my garden anytime @JillianB :))


Beautiful photo Tea, think I’ll wait a while before trying out those lovely chairs ☺️☺️


Thank you@RetiredOkie, stay warm :)


Nice setup but think I'll wait for Spring. One day closer. Thanks for sharing.

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