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Jigidi Appreciation Day

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A vase with a hydrangea for you TPTB!
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Beautiful hydrangeas! And what a nice tribute! Jigidi Appreciation Day! ✨🦋✨

That’s really nice!✨💐✨ ~Sophia


I'm glad you like it mandato!


It's a lovely community, Brightie and we owe a lot to the administrators.


Lovely hydrangea & a fine tribute.
Thank you Marina , jigidi admin & interesting posters.


Beautiful puzzle and tribute dear marina - Thank God for Jigidi ♥♥♥


You're right Marina,it's a matter of soil .In Brittany most of them are blue !


Thank you Eloise62. You said it well. I agree in all.


Eloise said it perfectly !
I feel the same, very grateful :)

Simply delightful! In my book, every day is "Jigidi Appreciation Day"!
I appreciate the ideas folk, the technicians, those who post puzzles, the commenters, the bloggers, the artists... each member of our wonderful whanau/family! Thanks for adding quality, fun, enrichment, joy, sense of belonging, friendship, brain gym exercise... to our world! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Jason, we all love Jigidi.

Janet you are welcome, we've met thru Jigidi which has a lovely community.

You are welcome Val.

Andie, I think all hydrangeas are pink and florists fiddle with the soil and you see them turn to blue.. Blue ones don't last long. I have a friend who had planted a pink hydrangea 11 yrs ago and it still produces flowers every single year..

Tea, I'm glad you like the painting and the way the artist presented this beautiful flower.


Thank you tuxsmommy.

You are welcome Voronica, Debb, Iris and Cindy.


This artist captured the light on the single stem perfectly, I’ll look for her work, she’s wonderful:)
Thanks Marina !


Very pretty .Mine is plain pink ,but you have to grow it in a special soil to get that beautiful blue colour.Thanks Marina ,and Jigidi.


Thank you Marina and thank you to Jigidi too ☺♥


Beautiful thanks Marina, a fabulous puzzle and thanks to Jigidi. We do all love it.
Hugs ♥


So pretty :-)

Thank you, Marina.


@4wings5, @Isaly2, thanks ladies for helping me adjust, hopefully tomorrow it will be better for me. Enjoy your evening . . . I just finished my workout and I'm thrilled with myself for doing it! LOL . . . Voronica~


Such a beautiful arrangement of Hydrangea Marina. Love this...


@vfdl47 I have had trouble having to chase puzzle pieces around like I can't pick them up for some reason. Not today but in the past few days.


A huge smile to Jigidi and thank you for posting this Marina! ☺♥♥♪


Hi Voronica😊 Yes, I had a good weekend and trust yours was the same! I haven't found the system slower for myself; however, I have seen some longer times for some who usually have shorter times. Hugs! ♪🧡🧡♫


@4wings5, Hi Debb, I hope you had a great weekend! We got a little well needed rain today, for which I'm grateful. Quick question, does the system seem a little slower to you today or is it just me? My puzzle pieces seem to not want me to move them, it's annoying me. . . :~)) Enjoy your evening . . . Hugs* Voronica~


Love J

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