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Molly the Wad and I fell out,
And what do you think it was all about,
I gave her a shilling,
She swore it was bad,
It's an old soldiers button
Says Molly the Wad.
From; A Great Big Ugly Man Came Up and Tied His Horse To Me.
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  1. Zdeno4:28
  2. JuffrouwSmeer5:02
  3. rndixon5:31
  4. patten6:06
  5. abigail930347:17
  6. barbsimm47:24
  7. magz7:25
  8. jbprols7:28
  9. dfwkrw8:13
  10. Kaminari378:55


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That wouldn't surprise me in the least - she's big enough and strong enough to have lifted him up onto that peg! lol


I think you are right about her. She may also be responsible for hanging him on the peg he was on, way back when!

Poor old Ollie's in trouble! Is she a Tobacco Seller? I see an advert for Sigars.


Not when she looks like a football player!

don't think I'd try to cheat Molly!

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