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Kamares-Ware, Mycenae

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Krater decorated with elaborate floral patterns.
Crete, Phaistos
MM II, 1800 - 1700 BC
Crete, Iraklion, AMI


  1. slforney58:24
  2. grannygirl1:14:23
  3. Ponfar1:24:47
  4. nogginthenog1:26:44
  5. maanrova1:26:50
  6. hellenic1:30:42
  7. player662tall1:33:22
  8. Smansfield1:33:54
  9. yannay1:36:31
  10. marci51:38:26


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If it's this beautiful now, just imagine what it must have looked like when it was new!


You're welcome, Yolla. I find a very pleasurable beauty in these Mycenean pots!

nice design,,they have a lots of copy about this kind of pattern,,still in good shape
thanks Sienna