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Noisy Miner on garden shed roof.

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  1. moon89620:11
  2. Robbos0:12
  3. Camellia0:12
  4. warbler0:14
  5. puzzeljac0:16
  6. Shian20:16
  7. loveydear0:16
  8. PLG19580:16
  9. puzzleman3000:17
  10. robryan0:17


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Thanks Ami :)))


Pretty bird, excellent photo Robyn!


Just a smudge Dave - to match the beak & eye trim! Thanks!!


I've never noticed the yellow in their wings before. Great photo, Robyn!


Thanks Jim - and I really enjoy showing them to you:))))

You know, I've never seen a happy looking Miner Shirley:)))) Thanks!!

They all look the same Ank - but they certainly have a lot of fun around here!! Thanks!!


A nice bird Rob, but just like Shirley I think he looks a little sad.


I feel sorry for him, he looks a little sad Rob :))) good clear shot of him, Thanks Rob.


You have some great bird puzzles rob, I enjoy seeing your different birds in Oz


They're certainly not short on attitude Nev - and they might be a common bird, but I really like them!!! Thanks!

Thanks Barb - I've seen them face off with lots of bigger birds & swoop on stray cats, so they're certainly a bird with plenty of guts:)))


LOL Rob...Looks like they are birds with attitude...and I like that better than little timid birds or any other timid animals for that matter...LOL Great photo :)))


Thanks Janet - they're pretty common here too, but I like their feisty attitude to 'outsiders'!! They're a great alarm for hawks, snakes & other intruders:)))


Hi Rob, we have a lot of these around too. They DO look cross-eyed. Funny little birds. A great pic, thanks. Hugs, janet


Thanks Patti:))))

Thanks Mary - they all look a bit cross-eyed - and cross:))))


Great shot.
He looks a little cross eyed.
Thanks Robryan.


Wow, Robyn! What an excellent shot! I love it!

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