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Location, location

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Yesterday I posted my photo of this BNZ Building which, with the Branch now closed, is up for sale. Thought I’d give you a look at its view.
Akaroa Harbour, Banks Peninsula, NZ. May 2022
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Glad you enjoyed the view Marina 💕


The view is fantastic!


I see, Jill. Thank you!


Taisia it’s the Pacific Ocean and quiet at this time of year, busier in Summer and over run when the occasional cruise ship comes in.


Looks like a quiet place. Very nice photo, Jill. Is it the sea or the lake?


Wooo hoo!!!!! @Bekkabee !!!


@pumpkinhead - YES!!


Now there’s a brilliant idea Suzy lol


More reason to get everyone to pitch in to buy it so we can have a jigidi house!!! :))))


Janet it is a great spot. Thanks

Yes just a little large I think Dobra 😄

Greetings daasha, I think it will be enjoyed too.

Trust you all have a great weekend. ❣️

Jill, I think the new owner will be happy. This place is amazing. Thanks and I wish you happy days. ♥♥♥


Jill, that's a great location! I would buy it as a weekend house, but for the two of us with Julia, it's unnecessarily big.


A beautiful setting for whoever is the lucky owner of this property


Oh wow we are on a roll here Rebekka and Nev and I’ve got $5 so that’s the last 3 numbers taken care of! Lol
Glad you enjoyed it Rebekka and yes Nev you are right, not hard-bad ❤️❤️


Not half-bad, Jill.
Thinking of going halves with Rebekka on this one - I have 27 cents here too!! :-))) ♥♥♥


I have the 27 cents if anyone wants to go in with me on this purchase! Thanks for doing the research for us, Jillian :-)) Wow, this is gorgeous!!


Thanks Lynette, glad you enjoyed it. There is of course ATM’s but it must make it awkward for businesses re change etc.

It is a great location, thanks so much Val ❤️


Brilliant photo Jill thank you, love this one as great over view Hugs ♥


Impressive building with an awesome view Jillian. I hope the town doesn’t miss the bank though 😊🌻


Janet yes I think you are right, would require a lot of inside work downstairs to do that and I think the upkeep would be pretty expensive. Thanks and hugs

Ed it’s a steal for you guys only 559605.27 US Dollars lol


A gorgeous view, but it is out of my price range. Oh, and I don't have a yacht...


It would make a fabulous boutique hotel or a BNB or ..... What a fabulous location. Thanks and hugs Jill. ♥


Cheers Brightie, glad you enjoyed it. ❣️

Petra great the you checked though lol 😂


I`ve just checked my pocket -- nja-nja, not enough cash :O(


exquisite pic xx the view is beautiful xx ♥♥


Petra I checked it out and just says by negotiation, it’s Rateable Value is $880,000 (NZ) so will be higher than that. 😊

Jerry no zoning issues but it is a Catergory II listed which comes with some restrictions mainly that they can’t just tear it down. Here’s what the Real Estate Agents say “
“It would ideally be bought by someone who would live upstairs and have a commercial proposition for the ground floor – an art gallery would be fantastic. The 509 square-metre site has commercial zoning.” 😊

Yes Jacki and the sandy beach is immediate to the left of that memorial garden you can see. Thanks


Ahhhh, it looks like a lovely location. So near the dock and the harbor. Thank you!


@JillianB And it's still on the market??? Zoning issues??


What`s the price??

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