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July Party (Jul20P04)

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"The learner always begins by finding fault,
but the scholar sees the positive merit in everything."
- Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Hello my dear friends,

A warm welcome to my puzzle page.

It is the 1st of July.

A virtual BBQ birthday party is being held at a beach resort hotel to celebrate the birthdays of all July babies.

Come, let us gather round and toast all our July babies. May they all be blessed with good health, great friendship, joy and happiness.

A sumptuous BBQ spread has been laid out on the buffet table for all to help themselves to the mouthwatering dishes.

I can see that we have, at one end of the table - Mint Watermelon Salad, Greek Salad Skewers, Grilled Chicken Salad with Blueberry Vinaigrette, Tropical Mango Salsa and Guacamole.

Garden Veggie Pizza, Mini Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Spinach Tomato Burgers, and Rosemary Grilled Bread are also featured.

Now, as I move a few steps down, I see - Jalapeno-Lime Chicken Drumsticks, Teriyaki Grilled Shrimp and Pineapple, Grilled Barbecue Tofu Skewers, Grilled Garlic Butter Mushrooms, Grilled and Glazed Carrots and then these catches my eyes - Grilled Lobster Tail, Grilled Filet Mignon, and Grilled Salmon in Foi.

Now for the Desserts Section - Strawberry Pie in Jars, Chocolate Pudding Cake, Fresh Fruit Tart, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Grilled Pineapple with Rum Sauce and Watermelon Sherbet.

Summer Drinks are Strawberry Watermelon Lemonade.

All these virtual food are calorie-free and healthy. So just help yourselves to all that you would like.

Meanwhile, a live band is playing some joyous music for our entertainment and to create a happy party mood. I can see some folks swaying happily and gracefully to the beat and rhythm of the music.

Friends are most welcome to swim either in the resort's swimming pool or at the resort's private beach which is just within sight of our BBQ dining area.

This puzzle is posted in 4 sizes - 12, 108, 252 and 540 pieces.

I hope that all of you will have a wonderful time at this virtual birthday party and that you all will also have fun piecing this puzzle together.

Do drop by for my August party puzzle which I will post on 1st August 2020.

Jason :-)

jasonchung2 is my main account.
I also post puzzles at jasonchung (my second account).
jasonchung1 (my third account) is now a sealed account, however, you can still solve puzzles there.

Puzzle 776


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Thank you Marina for the compliment :-)

I am happy that you like this puzzle and appreciate its colours :-)

Happy Colours Smiles,
Jason :-)


Beautiful puzzle and colors, Enjoy the rest of July and keep safe. Marina


Thank you for asking, Clive.
John and I are doing fine.

Hope you are well and doing fine, too.

Clive, please feel free to invite folks to all my monthly birthday puzzles :-)

Virtual Parties Smiles,
Jason :-)


Hello MizMaggie,

I am pleased to meet you. Welcome to my puzzle site.

I am glad that you have found my July virtual birthday party puzzle for all July babies :-)

Please help yourself to the virtual food and drinks as they are all delicious and healthy. No worries of any weight gain.

Let me toast to your good health and happiness :-)

Happy Birthday to all your July family members - your eldest sister (in Heaven), and your two grand daughters.

I create and post puzzles just once a month - on the first of every month. This is the time when I will hold a virtual party for everyone who celebrates his or her birthday during that particular month. Everyone is invited and they can celebrate their wedding anniversaries or any other happy or special occasions, too.

Thank you for your good wishes for John and me. I massage John's arms a few times a day - his right hand feels numb (from the effect of an acute stroke in January 2020) and his left upper arm is painful. I pray for him daily.

MizMaggie, please keep safe and be well and healthy,

Smiles of Good Health,
Jason :-)


Jason sorry to use your site again. I am sure you are in bed but must ask how are you and hope John is behaving and getting better. Forgiveness for using you again best wishes Clive.


Maggie if you wish to celebrate your Grand daughters Birthdays please let Ank know. She is "puzzeljac" and sends Birthday greetings all over the world


Hello Jason, saw your invitation to the July party celebration... My oldest sister was a July baby (she

passed on to a better place) but I still think her when July rolls around. I also have two grand

daughters whose b'days are the 24th and 29th of this month. So sweet of you to help people to

remember and celebrate loved ones special day. Thank you, I hope you and John stay safe. Maggie


thx dear friends xxx ♥♥ hugs and big smiles ☺☺


Hi Sparky,

Thank you so much for keeping John and me in your prayers :-)
Both of us appreciate that a lot.

You are on our prayer lists, too :-)

Friendship Smiles,


Keeping You and John in my prayers dearest friends - pls just have the little things that concern you seen to ♥♥♥♥ God bless and lots of hugs and smiles xxxx


Hello Jerri,

It is wonderful to see you at this July Virtual Party for July babies :-)

Thank you for the compliment :-)

I am happy that you have enjoyed the virtual buffet spread. I love selecting food for everyone to enjoy at my virtual parties.

Thank you for your best wishes for John and me. John sends you lots of bear hugs.

Take good care of yourself, Jerri. Stay safe and be well and healthy.

July Smiles and Hugs,
Jason and John :-)

Long time no see. I am happy to hear that John is improving. He has really had more than his shares of downs. It is so wonderful that he has someone as kind as you to assist him.
I loved this puzzle, but it took me longer than I thought it would take me.. Probably too much partying and eating. Wow, that was some kind of spread you layed out for us to feast on. Don't know if I'll ever be able to swim...tsk, tsk. BbQ are the best. Virtual ones are even better as they are calorie free....I don't know though, I think I just gained 10 pounds looking at all that food. Wish I could bring in all the people in the world who are starving. They would starve no more.
You know one of the things I like about your puzzles (just one) is your sayings that you come in with. They are always thought provoking and so wise.
Well, Jason, I wish you and John the best. Thank you for the BBQ. I'm stuffed....nap time now.... y a w n !!!! (tsk tsk)
As ever,


Thank you, Bubble for providing additional information. They are useful :-)

I am happy that John is doing well on the whole.


Jason, these 'after the event' symptoms can occur, you're right to make sure the therapy and medical people are aware of this, they may want to adjust his excercises, meds or just take note. Glad to hear otherwise John is doing well. ⦅❀ᖱ⌣ᖲ❀⦆


Thank you, Clive for your good thoughts for John :-)

I hope that John will continue to improve daily.

Mentally and emotionally, it is not easily for a fully able-bodied and relatively young person to, all of a sudden, become disabled. But, John is grateful that he has made good and vast improvements over the months.

I only write updates on John when friends asked about his current condition.


Jason Thank you for the update on John. Hope he continues to make solid progress.


Hi Parson,

Welcome to the July Virtual Birthday Party.

Thank you for the compliment on this puzzle :-)

I think you mean, 15 June. Thank you for your birthday greetings :-)

John has improved a lot since he was discharged from the medical rehab centre. However, laterly he told me that he is feeling numbness in his right hand and leg. I think that that is not a good sign. I plan to take him for an accupuncture session next week.

We are good buddies. It is only right that I take care of him. He has taken care of me when there was a time when I was not feeling well.

I am watching for signs of slight depression as I hear John sighing a number of times and I know that it can be frustrating when he needs about 3 - 4 times the amount of time to do something that he could easily do when he was well and fit, eg with regard to putting on his clothes and shoes.

His walking has improved vastly since March 2020. However, nowadays, I noticed a slight limping of his leg as he walks and his body is slightly tilted to one side.

No worries about virtual food - they are always fresh, delicious, healthy and calorie-free.

Prayers for John will be much appreciated :-)

I must admit that my flesh is weak, so I tried all the virtual food :-0

Keep safe, be well and healthy.

July Smiles,
Jason :-)


Random Thought:

A photographer went to a haunted Castle determined to get a picture of a ghost which was said to appear only once in 100 years. Not wanting to frighten off the spook, the photographer sat in the dark until midnight when the apparition became visible. The ghost turned out to be friendly and consented to pose for a snapshot. The happy photographer popped up bulb into his camera and took the picture. Then he dashed to his studio, develop the negative, and groaned. It was under exposed and completely blank.
Moral: The spirit was willing, but the flash was weak.


I forgot to ask how John is doing. I hope he is MUCH better. He is a wonderful fellow and John is fortunate to have a friend like you to support and encourage him when he was so sick. I hope he doesn't get sick from eating too much at the virtual party.


I somehow missed the July puzzle this year, Jason. Sorry about that. I knew you always try to post the puzzle on the first of each month. So I found where you has posted a reply on someone else's puzzle, clicked on your name and found the July puzzle. It is another beautiful puzzle. By the way, happy birthday, July 15th, in case I miss that party.


Happy July, Patti :-)

Thank you for joining us at this virtual birthday party. It can also be a party to celebrate all happy occasions that take place in the month of July :-)

Let me toast to your good health :-)

Happy July Smiles,
Jason :-)


Happy July, Jason! And thanks for the puzzle party!


Ha, ha, Chelsey, I am enjoying all the delicious virtual food.

The Grilled Lobster Tail is good.

My favourite dessert is Strawberry Pie in Jars. It is so convenient to eat.

It is delightful and healthy to balance the grilled and BBQ food with light and refreshing ones like Mint Watermelon Salad, Tropical Mango Salsa and Strawberry Watermelon Lemonade.

The Grilled Salmon in Foi is one of the winners as it is moist and delicate yet properly cooked.

As I glance around, I can see friends and guests enjoying themselves and having a good time - tasting the delicious virtual food, enjoying the music and the company of mutual and new friends :-))

I see that Chelsey is having a good time too - meeting old friends and befriending new ones.

Virtual Food Smiles,
Jason :-)


Bon appetite, Jason.


You are very welcome, Bubble :-)

Thank you for coming to this birthday party and for the compliment.

Yes, the sure way to enjoy a virtual party is just relax and have fun and mingle with all our friends at Jigidi-Land.

The ambience at this party is lovely. The atmosphere is relaxed, casual and fun. Everyone is so friendly and obliging.

I like to try various cuisine and virtual food is a good place for me to start :-0

Have fun dancing, Bubble :-)

Smiles of Dancing Time,
Jason :-)


How lovely Jason, I will not have to cook for a week. A wonderful party atmosphere and I see my dearest Brightie has saved me a chair and is getting the band to strike up some great music. Oh oh, I'll have to kick off my high heels in order to dance, so many friends here.
Thanks dear Jason for giving us a wonderful place to party and relax. (✬◡✬)


Thank you, Sparky for attending this party and for expressing your positive and encouraging feelings about the virtual birthday parties that I organise monthly on the 1st of every month :-)

It is here that I leave the real world outside for a little while and come here to dream a little. Not that the real world is that bad, just a little escape from the stress and realities of life before I return to it - feeling more uplifted and happy.

I am happy that you like this party :-)

Happy July Smiles,
Jason :-)


Happy July dearest Jason and John and Everyone here, Thx for spoiling us - Your parties are always superb and take us out of the boring doldrums of real life and transport us to lands of rainbows for visual delights and exquisite meals and exciting entertainment and most of all Spending time with Good Friends ... to sum it up SUPERDUPER !!!! ♥♥♥♥♥


Hi Val,

You are most welcome.

It is great to see another regular virtual party friend, especially one who knows how to enjoy herself.

The Virtual Chef will be very pleased with you. He may create something special for you :-)

Meanwhile, let us go over there and join some of our friends who are having so much fun and laughter.

John sends you his best regards along with virtual hugs ;-)

Smiles of a Wonderful July,
Jason and John :-))


Dear Lorna,

All great chefs, including virtual ones, love to see diners appreciating their culinary creations.

So, both of us have made the Virtual Chef and his team very, very happy :-))

My tummy is also happy and satisfied :-0

Virtual Food Smiles,
Jason :-)


My apologies, Chelsey.
I have made a typo error in the spelling of your name.


You are most welcome, Cbelsey.

I am glad that Chelsey, who is the darling of all the virtual cuisine personnel, has enjoyed those special catnip infused treats :-)

I enjoyed my early evening stroll along the lovely coastline. Just watching and listening to the waves rolling in cleanses my soul and brings peace to my mind while giving joy to my heart :-)

Now, I am heading for the buffet table . . .

More Virtual Treats Smiles,
Jason :-)


Hi Jason you have planned another amazing party filled with exciting venues and sumptuous foods, thank goodness it is all virtual so I can eat to my hearts content, and see things I would never get to see, and be with all my Jigidi friends. Thank you and a big hullo to John☺♥


Well Jason, I wouldn't have wanted to appear too greedy, but the food is simply divine, and so if you are sampling all the desserts too.... Thank you for this great party! ☺☺☺


We are having so much fun on the private beach and Chelsey enjoys the treats meowy much. Thank you again for the wonderful party, Jason.


You are welcome, Irena.

Thank you for the compliment and for your appreciation of the way that I organise and host virtual parties :-)

It is a pleasure to see you enjoying yourself at this party.

Today, I will dance with you at the dance space that the hotel has provided for us.
Many friends are joining us, too.

l will remember you on 15 July and then we can dance again at the private beach of this resort hotel :-)

Smiles for my Dancing Partner,
Jason :-)


Hi Jason,
it will be a great honor for you to dance and taste great food and drink good drinks and overall your nice company ☺ of course I look forward to John and other friends from all over the world that I meet here.
You are a very good organizer of great parties. You always have everything perfectly thought out to the last detail.
Many thanks to your friend for that !!!
Greetings to you and John and thank you for the beautiful words.
Have a nice day ☼


You are welcome, Irena and thank you for coming to this party. You are one of our special guests and a good friend :-)

Yes, there are lots of delicious virtual food at the buffet table. So many, that I do not know where to start. So each time, I bring a friend over, it will be an excuse for me to try something that I have not tried yet or perhaps to have another helping of my favourites.

May I have the first dance with you, Irena?

John said "Welcome, Irena. Jason has you (and a few other July babies) in mind when he organised this party. Enjoy. It is a fun party."

If all goes well, it will always be party time on the first of every month at my puzzles :-)

Birthday Smiles,


Chelsey and Chelsey,

You are welcome and thank you for the compliment on this puzzle.

It is always a pleasure to see you at my virtual birthday parties and I know that both of you have attended all of them :-))

This party is already in full swing. Everyone is having a wonderful time.

It is good that both of you are here and away from the rain that you are having at home. It is bright and sunny over here. Warm sunshine, clear blue sky and some clouds that drift by.

Happy Canada Day to both of you. Come let us celebrate that too. All happy occasions should be celebrated.

The private beach is a lovely place to be. This resort hotel is located on a gorgeous coastline. Later, I am going for an early evening stroll at the beach.

The Virtual Chef has prepared some tasty treats for Chelsey.

Birthday and Canada Day Smiles,
Jason :-))



You are most welcome to join us at this party.

It warms my heart to know that you find this virtual birthday party to be wonderful :-)
Yes, it would be great if it can kick-start a lovely July for all of us.

Come Lorna, let us go over to the buffet table and help ourselves to some delicious food. The Mint Watermelon Salad is very refreshing and the Grilled Salmon in Foi is such a hit that the Virtual Chef has to replenish it several times. I cannot decide on which dessert to have, so I will probably try all of them :-0

And oh, let us not forget to have a glass of Strawberry Watermelon Lemonade. It is refreshing and tastes great.

May you be blessed with a Happy July.

Smiles of Having a Happy July,
Jason and John :-))


You are welcome, John.

Thank you for joining us at this party for July babies :-)

Smiling with Joy for July babies,
Jason :-)


Taisia, thank you for your lovely compliment and good wishes:-)

I am happy that you have enjoyed this puzzle and would like to wish you a beautiful July.

Smiles of Having a Beautiful July,
Jason :-)


Thanks for inviting Jason. I can already see desserts and drinks, delicious salads, a blue pool and an evening of dancing to music. The menu is really varied! Say hello to John too.
Have fun friends !!! Thanks to Jason, we have a great party again


We are on the way, Chelsey and I. It looks like a great party for July babies. It is an ugly day here, cloudy, cold and raining and it is a holiday here in Canada, Canada Day. I can't wait to spend the whole afternoon on the beach. Thank you, Jason, for the invitation and for your cheerful puzzle.


Ooh, the party sounds wonderful Jason and just what we all need. Thank you so much for the invitation, I'll be right there! A very happy July to you and John. ☺


Thank you Jason.


Enjoyable puzzle, Jason! Thank you! Wishing you a nice day!


You are welcome, Lunie.

Thank you for the compliment :-)

Best regards,


Beautiful Jason...Thanks.


Hi Clive,

Happy July to you, too :-)

Smiles of a Happy July,
Jason :-)


Hello Robin,

Welcome to the July Virtual Birthday Party that I am hosting for all friends and guests who celebrate their birthdays in July :-)

It is wonderful to receive you as one of the early arrivals at the party.

An Advanced Happy Birthday to your brother. May all his wishes come true.

Thank you for asking, John and I are doing fine. We wish you a wonderful July.

Birthday Smiles,
Jason :-)


Happy July Jason.


Thanks for the nice July birthday card. My brother has a birthday on the 19th, as does one of my favorite musicians. Hope you and John are doing well and will have a great July. Thanks. :)