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Theme: Windows, Doors etc

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The Gaiety Theatre was built as an Oddfellows Lodge, but for most of its life, since it opened on 3 April 1879, the hall has been the town’s main theatre and gathering place.
Akaroa, NZ. May 2022
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Tea glad you found it so. Thanks


Fascinating architecture . . and history!
Thanks Jill :)


Thank you Brian, appreciate your visit, cheers 😊


Great looking door Lady Jillian cheers mate........B


Thanks Val, I don’t know anything much about it either. Hugs


Wonderful doorway thank you Jill, my Father was a Grand Master in the Oddfellows, I never knew anything about it but some of my siblings did.


Thanks Judy, pleased you enjoyed it.


Janet very ‘odd’ indeed and yes must have spread far and wide, apparently it’s Head Person is in the USA


Another excellent door! Thanks Jill!


There are a few Oddfellow buildings around Manchester over here. I always think it is an 'odd' name. When I googled it, Oddfellows was formed as an international fraternity going back hundreds of years. It seems that it really did spread to various corners of the world


A pleasure as always Jerry. Yes it has the old and also the very modern. Thank you


@JillianB This seems to be a wonderful time capsule village! Charming from so many angles. Many thanks for letting us tag along!

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