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One for fans of Parson Wayne AND My Fair Lady

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Hope this one earns a few air smiles.
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  1. Ianto1:37
  2. joaniebaloney1:37
  3. poolcue2:01
  4. qvottrup2:07
  5. krathburn22:08
  6. JoAnn52:34
  7. jbu2:43
  8. misschoney2:52
  9. Trapper2:53
  10. ManofSteele3:11


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Oh yeah! It might have been 👏


You THINK????


I forgot about Howard posting this over a year ago. I think it's photo-shopped.






I think I'll refrain from staying on the plane, Howard.


Gee, Parson, you should write a song and use that as a title!


I was surprised to see myself on a plane, Howard - especially since I have never been to Spain. lol




Glad to see you were here today, @Howard56. I hope you're doing well. Margie


On more smile for Parson Wayne. 🙃


Where ya been, @Howard56 ? I know you've been around in recent history but I haven't "seen" you. I hope you're doing well. Margie


Funny one, Howard.
I've read your bio and really liked it.
Had 2 uncles named Howard, my mom's brother and my dad's brother.
Have a good day!


Glad you enjoyed it folks. I like to think of our friend enjoying a little down time on the Costa del Pun, and when the cocktail waiter asks how many ice cubes he wants in his drink, PW smiling sweetly and replying , ‘Just the Juan’


Good one!

Wow! We can all fly with him and have one of our famous Jigidi parties while being entertained by Parson Wayne and his puns. Maybe we could have a pun contest to find the best punster we have - of course, it will be difficult to beat put Parson Wayne.
Thanks for the puzzle.

"By George," he's "got it!" My how I miss the Parson!

It's plain to see there is room for lots of punsters on that plane.

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