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18 triangles

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10 pieces
118 solves
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  1. Ribs0:08
  2. patsquire0:11
  3. ekopug10:12
  4. mgrippo130:12
  5. Ianto0:14
  6. iceng0:14
  7. Jumble0:14
  8. Robbos0:14
  9. wjl10150:15
  10. andie9830:15


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Also, iceng, you are too kind.

You've also made me 'math' more with your 4⁴ for four than I have done in over 30 years, and made it fun again. Thank you, it's good to see that part of me again. I even have had genuine math dreams where I wake up very clear about some algebraic or trig thing, it's like dreaming in another language, and I wrote it down when I woke up and it made sense. That's down to you mathing me up again.

(Sorry randy for going on here, if this bothers you).


we've just now had all our comments razed from seawater.

I invite you guys - iceng, patsquire - well, you've already visited!, randlindsly, egdoht, and Joe, I think I've seen you about, but this is very much for you - anyone who wants to have fun or a laugh, in a kind and fair environment.

I posted something like this earlier today and it's gone, so this will probably go too - though I didn't say anything this time about old cat ladies in the following, so perhaps that was the panty-twist.

" you can see one of those fussy bizzie lizzies has seen to it that I don't have a voice here, though everyone else grumbles about TPTB and each other.

Along with anyone else who rightfully has said, this isn't much fun anymore. We all just went POOF! good thing I keep an impeccable paper trail, if any of you need it.

Come play where people are fun and nice to one another with jokes and teasing at friends:

or come chat and have coffee in the salon for nice people with ideas, jokes, teasing, new friends... and a safe place to express yourself genuinely. Unfortunately there has been signs of invasive weeds but they do dry up and go away if they get no attention.

and lest the FS solvers get upset, you guys clearly don't want 'our kind' here."

Invite anyone you want, to mine, anyway - the other one, it's up to him.


Thank you @Mazy, you are much more adept at math,
then you make believe ...... 2+(2⁴) = 2+(4²)


OHHH - I am so dim.

solving strategy... guhg, never occurred to me.

clearly been playing elsewhere with different goalposts :/


Thanks Pat ........ it Worked !!
And still eighteen ☺ ☺ ☺


for a 9-piece square we could do this sort of thing, but I never saw a triangle that was a quadrangle. ??


So I guess that leaves me out. ☺ ☺ ☺

Iceng, this might give you a faster time. Try ignoring the triangles, the white + blue and the contents of the puzzle entirely. Just go by the shapes of the pieces themselves and assemble the five top pieces first (or bottom, it doesn't matter) and then the other five pieces will be easy to assemble. Good luck! ☺ ☺ ☺


shoot, 2(3²) see, iceng, I DO suck at math. But for YOU I will 2 + (4²) or more reasonably 2+(2⁴).

But ONLY for you.


I recon 3(3²) is the answer. Because I can math, or I can write words, but I have issues with mixing alphabet with numbers...


No matter what strategy, I cannot beat 18 ;-o



I get 180, ten in each figure X 18 figures.


96 triangles?


72 triangles?


Thanks Rand! :))


designer tepees?... fun puzzle.. thanks randlindsly!!... tom

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