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Golden Penda....and a couple of bees!

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Taken at Tamborine Mountain village, Queensland this morning. The Golden Penda is an Australian tropical native tree & the bees were all over the flowers!! Botanical name: Xanthostemon Chrysanthus.
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It's one of my favourites Cathy - and I just wish it flowered longer!! Thanks!!!


Gorgeous tree!! Totally new to me. I've never even seen a picture of one of these!! Thank you Rob. P.S. The bees are cute too. : )


I'm pleased you liked this Penda Allie - and I wished they flowered for longer!!!! Thanks!!


What a gorgeous tree Robyn! Love it! The 3 times I've been to AU as always July to September so never saw this in flower! tfs!


Easy to do Shirley :))) I think we've all done that :))) I'm pleased you both liked it - Thanks!!!


Don't know what happened to my comment, I did call Des to look at this beautiful tree, must have forgot to hit the post key, we both think it is a beauty, Thanks Rob.


It's a real eye-catcher Sandy - and it's a shame the flowers are only there for a couple of weeks!! Thanks!!

Thanks snooker - I think this is one of my favourite native flowering plants!!

Amazing the variety of plants in Australia. This is a stunner.


What a pretty tree! Thanks for sharing this robyn. I never would have seen one if it wasn't for this wonderful site.


It sure was a sight Janet - & the bees were everywhere on it!!! Thanks!!

Thanks Barb - I think the second half of the botanical name says it all - they do look a bit like Chrysanthemums at a distance!!


Wonderful tree and one that is not seen here in States, Rob :)
Thank you for introducing it to us :)


WOW! Rob that's a beauty. I don't think I've seen one with so many flowers either! hugs, janet


Thanks Nev - we have one down the end of our street, but it's not as eye-catching as this one!!


It sure is a stunner Beekay - I just love the colours too! Thanks!!


It sure is a stunning sight chookie - the flowers on the shady western side haven't opened properly yet so all the Bees were going crazy on the sunny side - 2 to 3 bees per flower! Thanks!!


You just introduced me to another amazing tree Robyn. Thanks :-))


This is such a gorgeous native flower, rob, something we don't see down here. We don't see many bees these days either, but with the lavender bushes surrounding the tree, that would attract them to the flower also.

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