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It was nearly two years ago when I finally made it to Glacier National Park. It only took me 69 years, so if you are younger than me, don't give up. I was there on September 25th and colorful fall trees were at their prime that particular year. At the lower elevations on both sides of the park there were plenty of golden Aspens. I took this photo high up in the park when I was getting close to the pass. But even up this high, there were still some colorful bushes and grass remaining. I started the day under a heavy gloomy cloud cover but the higher up I drove, the more the clouds parted until I had mostly sun.
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We are going to switch over to freezing. Tomatoes get about 8-10 feet. Problem is they deliver late with the peppers. We were canning into October. We have leaf composting city groups that will drop off a dump truck full into your driveway for free. It has been screened and is good mulch.


OldSchool, we have a decent sized vegetable garden and the large flower garden. Tomatoes grow good for us but not the heirloom variety for some reason. We freeze some of the vegetables but we don't can at all. Terry

We don't have a huge garden. What we try to do is keep things blooming until freeze. Succession gardening. Our vegetable garden is getting smaller as I don't want to can anymore (except tomatoes). We grow a lot of heirloom veggies and for the flowers we try to get non exotic. Lots of great prairie plants available. And yes there are always rocks.


OldSchool, I do realize the effort it takes for gardening. We have a fair sized vegetable garden and lots of yard. A couple years ago Sue fenced off an additional half acre next to the yard and is turning that whole area into a flower and rock garden. Fortunately, Sue does the majority of the gardening and enjoys doing it. But it is very time consuming. Terry

Have been busy with garden and helping a neighbor learn how to garden. Didn't realize how much stuff is involved when you start gardening from tearing out lawn. I don't have much grass left except front yard. That keeps the neighbors happier.


OldSchool, long time no hear. Seems like the glaciers everywhere are shrinking fast. Terry

If I remember right, there were 2 glaciers on the mounts in the background. Looks like they are gone now. I was there the first time around 1971.


Maybe next time, right? :-))


dblay, Thank you. I appreciate your comment. My time in Montana is winding down. It is tempting to see Glacier in spring since I am in the state. However, the extra time and miles doesn't fit into my schedule. Terry


Magnificent and Spectacular!!! Really hard to describe the feeling I get when I see scenes such as this with those Beautiful mountains there. I would also love seeing the Fall leaves and colors too. Fall leaves and Mountains, two of my most favorite things. :-))) Thank you for sharing this because this is as close as I'll ever get to seeing this beautiful place. You are the pictures of all the things I love but will never get to see and it is certainly appreciated. Hope your trip is going well, Terry, and I hope you are making it okay, too, Sue.


navyveteran, Patsy, if I could give you the opportunity and the energy, I would, Terry


olando: Vips, thanks, I was quite impressed myself, Terry


This is obsolutely beautiful. The sky, the mountains, the colors, wow. Vips


The view is gorgeous! I am the same age as you and if I had the opportunity, and the energy, I too would visit. patsy

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