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remember some of these?

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these images from a google search for "candy". some images may be copyrighted. i do not claim any ownership.
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  1. alib352:21
  2. Honi543:47
  3. kathy553:51
  4. botmom143:53
  5. lordmojo3:58
  6. Mimie5:36
  7. jlovermyer5:42
  8. katai5:59
  9. JavaChip346:08
  10. spotto6:15


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those are pixie sticks carol. basically flavoured sugar you just pour straight down your throat. haha, no seriously. lol. i loved them

Well, my very favorite candy is Kit Kats, but it is not colorful, so I am glad it is not in your very bright and colorful puzzle. I love love love Candy Corn and M&M's. I don't know what kind of candy was in that 4th square of the top row!! I like Popeye so I bet I would like his candy. From the size of my hips, maybe I like toooo much candy. What a very fun puzzle this was and I thank you very much for sharing it with us!

My favorites: necrosis wafers and bazooka bubble gum. I also liked sugar daddies and Turkish taffy. I used to be quite good at blowing bubbles with that gum, but my sister was better. Thanks for the memories. Thank you for the puzzle too.


those are good sandy, just not the candy corn

We recently had breakfast at a Cracker Barrel Restaurant and they have a large selection of many of these candies. Tops on my list that day were the Necco wafers. Great puzzle. Thanks. Sandy


i liked those sweet tart lollipops/suckers


Fun puzzle, thanks!
My time ~ 17:21. So, as usual, I didn't make the leaderboard, lol.


Fun! Love the banana runts

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