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Frangipani tree

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Frangipani (Plumeria rubra) also known as the Lei flower, is native to warm tropical areas of the Pacific Islands, Caribbean, South America and Mexico. They can grow to be large shrubs or even small trees in mild areas of the U.S. In tropical regions, Plumeria may reach a height of 30' to 40' and half as wide. Their widely spaced thick succulent branches are round or pointed, and have long leather, fleshy leaves in clusters near the branch tips. Leaves tend to fall in early winter since they are deciduous and sensitive to cold.

The Frangipani tree with pink colored flowers at the 6F garden of the condo.
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Thanks Marilyn.

Welcome Jacki, Pat and mother123456.

We have the view to the western part of Metro Manila Jill, specifically the Manila Bay.


Glad you are with me watching this beauty in our 6th floor garden, unfortunately now the garden is closed as we are back on ECQ. Thanks/welcome.

We have them in many places around, SPuzzle20.

Yes Shirl, that's what we do when we make garlands out of this too.

We have two varieties here in the condo Marina. At the entrance is a red flowering one and bigger than this.

So kind of you to say that Ank. Thanks.

The smell is heavenly Ardy.

Here they are flowering whole year round Jan.


Pretty flowers on it ..


Smells good too. Thanks, Lunie & Didi.


Okay the shrub is a beauty but what a lovely picture. ☺ Great photo, thanks ♥♥♥


Beautiful shrub, the flowers have a divine fragrance.
I love this plant, everyone seemed to have in S.Greece and island when I was a kid, not any more. Our species are white (Plumeria alba).


I do love the Frangipani and this one is beautiful. Great view from here as well. Thanks Lunie enjoyable puzzle


They are beautiful, Thanks, Lunie. I may have mentioned it before but my Mum carried a bouquet of the white/yellow centered Frangipani on her wedding day. as the flowers don't have stems the bouquet was created by threading a straw through each flower.


Mine are asleep now Lunie, some of the few things that do rest in winter. Thanks and hugs.

Thanks for the info. I've never seen one before.


We love the Frangipani tree. We look for them at the beach.


A pretty tree


Very nice, Lunie, Thank you!

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