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All hands on deck!

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Time to get the boats out of the water for the winter. Folks were busy with sails, masts, equipment--quite a bustle!!!

Oct. 18, Newport, RI
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  2. Dilubreuer0:11
  3. Robbos0:11
  4. jntleman0:12
  5. Shian20:12
  6. goingsilver0:13
  7. stephen0:14
  8. Diannepuzzle0:14
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they all looked like they knew what they had to do


So glad to have your input on this dondi. That was my thought-a work day for a club. Love the comment about the clothing !


I'm guessing a sailing club, and this is a work day, when all the members show up to button up for the winter. The hats and coats are the penalty for keeping it open past labor day (which is the traditional weekend up here to take your boat out of the water).


The scurry did resemble folks readying for a weather event, Dianne and Janet!
I was astounded to see the flurry of activity, BK. I think there may be some sailing clubs or groups in the harbor that work together to put their boats in and take them out and they have a set weekend to do so? Not being a sailor, I don't know for sure, but they all seemed to know each other!
Crazy busy, Floyd!
You wouldn't catch ME out on the water in that weather, Rob! LOL! Good explanation for the activity all at once. Comps are done. Boats are put away. :)


Might be the end of their sailing comps - maybe?
Nice action shot Suzy - thanks :))))


Busy. BUSY.
Buzz around
Getting it DONE!!


Isn't it a bit odd they all chose the same day and time to do this? Am I missing some sort of rule here Suzy LOL....


A fascinating scene to me Suzy, as people here boat all year round. Yes this might happen if a cyclone was coming (same as a hurricane.) Thanks for a fabulous photo, hugs.


Like us in FL when a hurricane is coming!


An apt description calling it a hive, Lorna!
I don't know if it was typical to all gather on that day to bring in the boats, Jo, but it sure was a busy place.
YES, Francine! And Jim and I had on wind breakers and light weight sweatshirts!
VERY busy, Florrie....and very well orchestrated. Each person had a task, and all worked in harmony to complete the putting to sleep of the boat.
For sure, Barb! We can all mow our lawns again and wait for the snow to arrive! :)
It was crazy busy, Ardy, but each person knew what they were doing.
Difficult to imagine the time that's put in to the upkeep of even a small boat. We had a boat when we had a cottage in Canada, and it took some time to "put it away" for the winter-but it didn't involve sails, masts, etc. A lot of work indeed, Patti and smllpkg.


An annual chore.


A boat can be a lot of work!


Almost needs a traffic director. Lots of busy. When it's as cold as this looks it's easier to take it out of the water. Thanks, Suzy.


No more sailing this year. There are other things that they can do in the dead of winter :) Thanks Suzy for the nice photo :)


Going by the jackets and tuques, it was already a cold day.


a surge to shore. thanks suzy.


A hive of activity.

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