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My grandson Logan and his mommy and daddy (Jason & Lisa)

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Pic was taken last week when my grandson Logan came over to our house to open up his birthday gifts. He just turned 4!
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Bentleyd- Hi there Denise, thank you so much for saying so, I think he's pretty adorable myself! He's just the greatest thing that's happened to us in a long while! He's so perfect in our eyes, but then I guess every grandparent thinks that way about their grandchildren!...Hugs!

A3ana- Hello my dear friend Adriana, you sure do, maybe one day you'll get the chance to meet them in person if you and your hubby ever decide to come out for a visit! You know your always welcome to stay at our house any time!...Big hugs...;-))))

Ringleader- Hey Ardy, thanks so much! He really is a great delight to be around, he's such a good little boy and is always in a happy, happy mood and always smiling like that! He's just such a joy to be around I wish we could spend more time with him! Thanks so much! ;-)))

Loveydear- Hello there Ami, I will most definitely pass your birthday message on to Logan, he will be so happy to hear that other's are wishing him a happy birthday! Thanks so much for that sweety you are so very kind!

Fileusa- Hey Patricia, how have you been lately? Yes, Logan is indeed a happy child! God couldn't have picked better parents for him, they are so very loving and kind and soooo very patient with him too! He can be such a handful sometimes as he's a bit on the hyper side, but what 4 year old isn't. I love him more than I can ever say! Life just wouldn't be the same without him! I thank God every day for sending him into our lives! Thank you very much for your Blessings, that means the world to me! God Bless you too my good friend! :-D


Logan looks such a happy child. He has a great smile. I can imagine why you love him so. He's beautiful. God bless you and your family. May you have many more great days with them as you had on his


Happy Birthday Logan!


What a delight he must be. Thanks for sharing.


Hey I no them ...:-)))


What a lovely family photo.:-)) Logan is so adorable:-))
Thanks Monica:-))


Chickiemama- Hi Sandy, yes Logan and his mommy and daddy bring tons of joy and happiness into our lives! Our lives would be sooooo empty without them! Thanks so much for the nice comment! :-)))

Graciela- Hello there Graciela, thank you very much for the nice compliment, we tend to think so too! ;)))))))

Mipahollo1- Hey there Mimi, thank you, that's so sweet of you to say! After Logan opened up all of his gifts we took them out to dinner to celebrate! A great time was definitely had by all! :-D


Wonderful family picture Monica and Logan is adorable! And a fun time was had by all, I'll bet! :))


Your grandson is so cute!! nice family!!


What a little cutie! I bet he and they bring so much joy into your lives. Nice looking family Monica.


And if your wondering why daddy isn't smiling, well, that IS his smile! lol

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