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Ash - Hello there!

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  1. Olya6:05
  2. minkimau6:08
  3. babray6:14
  4. lindaleigh6:28
  5. Impie6:31
  6. truckinggirl6:41
  7. amf7:28
  8. Isobel20057:30
  9. Lynetteoz7:38
  10. Moi517:41


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WHERE are you catslave?

I need NEED some more puzzles with ASH.

What a great cat. i hope he has stayed well.

Also love Freya tho ASH is my favorite


Soo, one big cuddle delivered! ♥♥♥

Pammi, Ear rubs passed on but I skipped on the tummy tickles - the vet shaved his belly up to his chest for an ultrasound and it hasn't all grown back in! Gave him a smug cat chin rub instead... ☺♥☺

Thank you cbmuller!

Thanks Lynetteoz! It's hard to take a bad photo of him, but I seem to manage it sometimes!

I think so too Impie!


Hello to you too's so good to see your handsome face again after you gave your mum and us such a scare! You're looking great♥♥


Hello Ash it is good to see you. This is a lovely photo catslave :-)


Ahoy there Ash! You're looking extra handsome today.


Hello to you, Ash. You certainly look as thought you are trying a mind meld with your mother but sadly she is not tuned in at the moment. I am so happy to see you looking like your old self once again and I know your loving mum feels exactly the same as do all your Jigidi mates. I am sending ear and tummy rubs your way. Enjoy. ♥♥♥


He needs a cuddle from his Auntie soo. Please give him a cuddle from me, a big one? ♥♥


Olya, there are a lot of us here! ☺

Soo, I was reading, looked up and there he was! The camera was next to me and he still sat there! I think he was hoping that if he stared long enough, I'd get up and let him out into the garden!


Well hello to you too handsome Ash ♥ Good to see you looking well. You do actually look as though you are about to ask a question ☺☺


Hi Ash! (from another cat slave :)

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