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161. Across Canada

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Fort Louisbourg, Cape Breton Island...Rodrigue House...The Rodrigue family were successful merchants, frequently sailing ships to Quebec with French and West Indian goods to trade for Canadian grain, flour, and dried vegetables.

Link to information on Fort Louisbourg:

In June we travelled by rail from Vancouver (British Columbia) to Montreal (Quebec) where we spent five nights. We then took an overnight train to Moncton (New Brunswick). Next we drove to Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton (Nova Scotia), and flew home from Halifax.
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Thank you, Jill, Andie, and Wendy. That lela is always up to mischief, Jill!

If I remember correctly, this adjoins another room where the children had their lessons each day...all quite cozy...and if you look at the bottom right-hand corner of the picture you can see the spindles used in tatting this was almost like a family room for the mistress of the house and her children...whereas the kitchen was more the servants workplace. ❤️❤️❤️


That looks so cozy. - Wendy


Rebekka that's another "small" bed for you ,and a lovely one too.Thanks Faye ,the whole room is very welcoming.♥☺♥☺♥


Rather a cute looking set up. Alas I can see the imprints and wrinkles that lela has left on the bed! TFS


I think that they also believed that the night "humours" bought sickness and best block them out.

The lodge probably needed a ceiling would have been nice and toasty up by the ceiling! ;)))


I imagine a bed like this was a necessity. The curtains around the bed would help the occupant stay warm at night. The curtains would help make a microclimate with the occupants 98.6. Fireplaces do not warm a room well. I learned this with a fireplace that had electric blowers one January night with the girl scouts in a lodge type room we stayed in. We did not freeze but it was cold.


Wise move!


Oh dear! I shall leave, post-haste!


Definitely! And I imagine you could curry a lot of favours with certain supplies being somewhat limited. ;)


Being a merchant surely had its advantages.


Better watch out, lela, this is the Mrs.' chambre.


Oh! Don't mind if I do ...................... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......


The "roofline" on this bed fascinated me, Ardy...I wondered why the to dust?...They must have done a lot of research on the architecture, furniture, draperies, decorations, utensils, etc. of this time frame. ❤️


Even a beautiful rug on the floor. That merchant did really well. Thanks, Faye. Lovely. ♥♥

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