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Made in Denmark

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This is a small part from a playground made by Kompan A/S ( It's about an inch in size covering a bolt or nut.
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  1. Prince3:33
  2. jennie3:58
  3. Nette4:20
  4. Joan_24:21
  5. hannejoh4:25
  6. MsPetersen5:06
  7. sweetyhe5:18
  8. lidob5:18
  9. dputnam11605:19
  10. bodil5:19


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When was the last year you produced another puzzle? We miss you. Bev. 1-19-18..7:36pm

Jigidi staff

It's a small part from a playground manufactured by Kompan A/S ( I think it is covering a bolt or a nut.

Pretty neat Magnus. It's amazing what you can find out with a translator.

Doing a little research and not understanding Danish at all, does this have anything to do with playgrounds?


Hi Magnus - Please tell us lazy American one-language folks in English what this is. THANKS!

Jigidi staff

Det er en skrue-skjuler på en Kompan legeplads. Den er 2-3 cm stor tror jeg.


This must be a goldhat for the goldstar ;o)


blev nødt til at kigge hvad det var -men- hvad er det???

Why this advertisement?