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Thank you from Ty's mom

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To all my Jigidi pals - thank you for the kind and thoughtful comments left on TigerLilly's memorial page. It helped more than you can imagine as did the shared stories of the pain of losing a beloved pet. At this point, I'm grateful to have had her as long as we did.
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  1. Dclo1:11
  2. racoonstar1:54
  3. Rackles1:55
  4. RebeccaB2:00
  5. ELLENA2:16
  6. vinette2:25
  7. jimbos2:26
  8. kayboblee2:35
  9. tulip432:39
  10. TrudyTai2:54


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Beautiful kitty .


She just looks like such a sweetie. Glad you are feeling up to checking in today. They tug on our hearts, but that is partly what makes them so special to us, isn't it? Thanks, Rayna, for another photo of your little girl. ;-))

Grief is the price we pay for love – – and unerring, unquestioning affection we get from our fur- babies enriches our souls.


Rayna, thank you for allowing us to share in your grief. I hope you continue to heal. Hugs.


It takes a person who has lost, to really understand the grief of another, Rayna. Hugs.


Sending you a big hug from the heart. :-)

She looks a lot like our Boots we have now. Boots is also special.


A lovely picture with soulful eyes. How lucky you (both) were, TFP.

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