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Barnacles -- on a freshwater boat?

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These barnacles were on the hull of a boat stored at the Washburn Marina in Wisconsin.

Taken September 16, 2022
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Makes sense, they are not from fresh water.


It was onshore, but I don't know if that was permanent.


Looks like this boat isn't used any more? Never seen so many on a boat before. That's a mystery to me! Hugs and love...


Yes -- it now almost time for bed. Sleep well, my friend.

Thank you Li, Enjoy the rest of your day.


Good point, Ed. He must have had the boat in one of the oceans for some length of time, but it's true -- scraping them off would be helpful.


Interesting! Thank you, Li! ☺


This is an interesting picture, Li. The mystery is why there are barnacles on the hull (the other mystery is 'why hasn't the owner scraped them off?'

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