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Vintage Heart Brooches

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  1. debheck35:51
  2. Manu_K38:53
  3. dotshell39:07
  4. elliann39:32
  5. webpeggy40:51
  6. CassieLassie42:29
  7. Cchuning45:10
  8. anther48:47
  9. Iluv2laugh49:42
  10. dunnett52:30


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Thanks grandmapegs. Love the cameo best and your selection of colours to frame each brooch. They are spot on! (*~*)


Hi Peg. I noticed you were in Jigidi today. Wishing you a lovely day. ☀️


Good morning Dear Friends. So happy to see you all her an that you enjoyed the hearts.All is well in our part of the world. The sun is shining and much of the snow is melted, except for the North side of the house. I'm feeling so much better than a few weeks ago. Life is good. Thank you for the nice posts.

I loved this puzzle with so many beautiful hearts. My favourite colour is blue so you can imagine which hearts I completed first. Take care of yourself and thank you for continuing to post these wonderful puzzles. I'll look forward to the next ones.


Grandmapegs, these are all so very special! I loved the way the black frames popped out at me first. I also loved the blue/pink and blue/red/pink frames. The yellow & blue heart is lovely. I think I've seen that one before--you must really like it. I also love the tiny glass on the bottom row. It reminds me of my dad's mother. Lots of love to you, dear! Dotty


I always love the heart puzzles. I think my favorite is bottom left. Or it might be top right. All of these are very different and interesting. Thanks, Peg!

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