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Animal control in a National Park

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  1. Ceefercat6:22
  2. Beach45736:40
  3. MOfunP38:37
  4. yenny10:06
  5. 213911:01
  6. Lenya11:13
  7. bakercroft14:31


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might go look ...thanks

When I said Noosa National Park, I was referring to the section that runs behind Castaways, Marcus and Peregian Beach.

Yes thanks it is useful info. I had no idea these things were in Noosa National Park even though I live in the area. I wonder how it would be if a child tampered with these devices. I haven't heard of any mishaps though. I don't walk my dog in the park, though I have walked with my children through different sections of it. Interesting info, thanks for posting.

Yenny, This photo was taken December 2013 in part of the Noosa National park.
The device is buried vertically in the ground with a short stub sticking above.
The exposed section is scented to attract wild dogs/foxes , it is also the trigger.
When an animal bites the trigger and tries to pull away. The device shoots a poison directly into the animals mouth. I was assured that lizards and other small meat eaters, such as Magpies, did not have the strength to set the trigger off. The device will kill a
pet dog. So make sure if you're walking a dog in the National Park {which is against the law} you have it on a lead.
Cameras were set up in the National Park well before this, to capture footage of foxes,
before these devices were setup. I don't know if these devices are still in use.
Hope this info is helpful.

Yenny, give me some time and I will post more info about them. I've just got to find it, as it was quite a few years ago.

Hi Beach. Is this a recent thing? I'm trying to figure out what these devices are...but I haven't any idea. It would be nice if there was more information for the public. The images on the sign don't offer me too many clues. As I live in Queensland, I wouldn't mind knowing what, where, how and when. I guess I know why.

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