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1. Persian Cats Came From Persia ... Possibly
The exact origins of the Persian cat are obscure. But they came to the attention of Europeans when diplomats stationed in the Middle East brought the first long-haired cats back to England and other European countries in the mid-1800s. These were immediately prized for their exotic looks and named for their presumed homelands. Two of the best-known were Persians from Iran (seat of the ancient Persian Empire) and Angoras named for Ankara in Turkey. These long-haired beauties were an immediate hit with Westerners.
2. They Have an Old-school Pedigree
Purebred cats closely followed the creation of the first kennel clubs in Europe in the mid-19th century. The world's first cat show was held in London's Crystal Palace in 1871, and the first purebred Persians arrived in the United States around 1875. The rise of cat breeding houses on both sides of the Atlantic at the turn of the 20th century was largely driven by the popularity of the Persian, considered one of the earliest pedigreed cats.

3. It All Starts With the Hair
Persians have long, thick coats with individual hairs 4-6 inches (10-15 centimeters) in length. The colors of their coat run the full spectrum from solid, snowy white to wild, multi-tone combinations of tabby, tortoiseshell, patches and more.

Then there's the face. Unlike Egyptian or Siamese cats with long sleek noses, Persians have flat, open faces with tiny button noses. Their richly colored eyes, close set against this wee nose, look extra big and expressive. The curved, pansy-shape of their cheeks accentuates their small, triangular mouths.

Persians have compact bodies with short, heavy-boned legs and medium-length tails.

4. Persians Are as Friendly as Dogs – But Lazy, Too
Persians are popular for more than their good looks. They're also exceptionally friendly ... for a cat.

"Most cats are affectionate on their own terms," says Susan MacArthur, who's been breeding Persians at Pelaqita Persians for 20 years. "We call Persians 'dog cats,' because they really like people. They also do things that normal cats don't do."

Persians will run to the door to greet visitors and even come when they're called by name, a doggy trick that most cats feel is beneath them. Persians are also known to be "talkative," chatting with their owners in a sing-songy meow.

But don't get the idea that Persians are overly active animals.

"They are the laziest breed in the world," says MacArthur. "They literally sleep 20 hours a day. Even the kittens don't play very much."

But that's just fine with Persian fans. Their laid-back, lap-napping style means that Persians are less likely to hop up on counters and rummage through cabinets searching for food.
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Not at all - I just have to take a little time to get them all done. I love your puzzles, thank you so much.


Poor thing, I'm overloading you with too many puzzles! Haha!


I've actually had her for a few days, but I have had so many puzzles to do she has been left for a while. You will notice there are others that are waiting in line! ha ha.


I've been waiting for you to find her...Bernadette


An orchid loving cat! lol


I think she has the most beautiful eyes!

Absolutely beautiful! Love that bundle of fluff!


Yes, she is really beautiful! Have a good day, my friend...Bernadette


What a lovely photo of this amazing Persian cat and lovely orchid....


She probably spends most of her time in someone's lap!

What a beautiful cat!! Makes you want to pick her or him up and rock her to sleep.

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7 July 2020 - 14 October 2017
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