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One of the twins from last year
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  1. mek19721:26
  2. swsue691:29
  3. mapletree1:30
  4. ferda1:39
  5. Diannepuzzle1:41
  6. MeShell1:42
  7. Ianto1:47
  8. mailaudie1:48
  9. ringleader2:02


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Ardy I have possums also, they come on the patio and look under the grill for the grease
pan, drives Bishka nuts. So now at night I just shut the blinds and she can't see him.
Evelyn he is a beauty, and finally he has learned some manners. Marian, I don't go
near them, I respect their presence, and they don't bother me.


Saw one tonight in the roadside ditch in the wildlife refuge! TFS


Raccoons are cute but I worry about rabies. I haven't seen any around here for about a year now. But I do have a possum!!! Thanks for a fun photo, Pat.


Great shot of the raccoon Pat...they are kind of cute in appearance, but I would not go near them... they have been having trouble with racoons coming into the cities now, and attacking people...rabies carriers...

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