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  1. liertje19784:44
  2. Impie5:21
  3. Wen685:24
  4. conrad5:51
  5. hanka497:12
  6. GAYLE8:04
  7. porgy8:20
  8. canoekaw8:23
  9. milsze8:35
  10. margie1238:36


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Thanks Faye, I'll have to wait a few more days/weeks for my tulips to start blooming ☺☺
we're staying at home as much as possible and keep our distance from other people when we're in shops. there's not much more we can do I guess. you and K. keep safe and healthy too ♥♥


Thank you, Robbie...I've been thinking about you...and hoping that everything is okay and that you and Jenny are staying healthy. So, are the kids just on Spring Break or is your island locked down and schools closed, too? We haven't heard anything about Bermuda on our news. I haven't been out in over a week. Ken goes for bread and milk when necessary but I'm concerned when he's gone as some idiots won't stay two metres away...especially when they're grabbing the same item off the shelf...almost from your hands. Take care. ❤️

Thank you, L. There should be at least three that will open up when the sun finally peeks around the corner in 2-3 hours. It was hard trying to snap this without the shadow of the iPad...or me! LOL You and your mum...and your Big Bro'...stay healthy. ❤️


It's a real beauty Faye ☺


That is a beauty gem, happy spring to you too.......hopefully a happier summer on the way for everyone! Stay safe and healthy. Not on jigidi much these days, teaching the neighbourhood kids to fish and doing lots of yard work.

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