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Cèilidhe - her name is the Scots Gaelic word for an evening party of whisky, fiddles, music, dancing, friends and fun.

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Why are you reporting this puzzle? the party is being very, very quiet, since she hopes I won't notice she's managed to sneak up onto the bed, then stealth up onto my pillow. She's faking being asleep.

A Cèilidhe (pronounced Cailey) is a social gathering, either a house party or a community event, with lots of traditional Scottish music. The word translates literally as a 'visit'.

Trust me, this dog is more of a genial, foot-stomping, joyous party than just a visit.
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she's a sweetheart, such a pretty girl... but she's pretty sure she's top dog when any others are around, which surprised me.

Wonderful picture of a gorgeous dog!!!


after a while? sheesh! don't I know it!


Mazy, I've only known one other dog that licks legs. That's endearing, but also annoying after a while. She's lucky to have you! LOL -- Carol


Cèilidhe told me to say, Ruff ruff woof! Sweet greets, Bella!


So sweet. ♥♥♥


Looks like puppy found a good place to hang out.


Carol, that curve that goes from muzzle to forehead is called a 'stop'. My mom kisses our dogs there so much it's a wonder the stop doesn't get any deeper. She is a very affectionate dog. She goes wild when she hears the engine of my truck and over the moon when she sees me. She's a licker - to the point of being annoying! she can't stop licking my legs when I show up wearing shorts, that's part of her greeting. Then, she does what I call drive-by licks when she or I walk past one another.


Well, I could sure kiss that sweet dog's nose!! I love her name,too. TFS Mazy, LOL -- Carol


everyone who meets her loves her. Even non-dog people (she is quite small and dainty and tidy...)


Love Céilidhe! What a honey! Love her name :-)


It is sooo very refreshing to meet someone with a solid sense of humor. Can hardly wait to see more Ceilidhe!


LOL and I saw what you did there!!!


thanks ww... I will post some more Ceilidhe pics in the days to come. She's a character, all right (aren't they all).


Mazy - LOVE this pic! Thank you for sharing and it looks like Ceilidhe may have been the life of the visit!


@Rainrider1214 this isn't the photo I was looking for, but it's still pure Ceildhe.

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