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The late Heidi

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SamSammy, Heidi had a collection of stuffed toys but she always preferred the ball.
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  1. pato680:55
  2. marunka2771:06
  3. kimmeh1:07
  4. SamSammy1:12
  5. C4ndy1:13
  6. beachluver4evr1:13
  7. ofehoyos1:17
  8. LITAN1:24
  9. puzzaddled1:28
  10. janibacsi1:37


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I am finally able to leave a message here. I've been in and looked but had to leave right away - the memories of our dear Bonnie flood in and I feel your loss of Heidi so keenly. I am weeping as I write this.

Heidi is/was beautiful and that attentive look is one I know so well. "Throw? Throw?" Sharing a hug with you for our darling girls...


So very very sorry for your loss of a beloved pet. It's never easy......sometimes when I go to
bed I imagine all the pets I have had over the years on the bed with me......and then smile.
We even had an african grey for 28 years........


Thank you wolflady - you're right they all leave us with wonderful memories. :)


Beautiful dog, so sorry for your loss, I know the feeling, but
just think about all the happy memories we have because
of them.


Yes, I was holding the ball over her head. She was like Sam, loved to play ball.


Quinn_Eskimo - thank you for your kind words. May you have Mouse for a long, long time. She has a very sweet face :)


What a beautiful dog!!! Sweet face!!! And I think you hold a ball over her head!! Same with Sam, a ball above anything else! Thank you Lambchop for showing her to me! :))


So very sorry to read that your precious has passed. Our hearts grow so attached. Our kittens ingrain themselves so tightly. Mouse has over 20 toys like Heidi. We've already been told which one to bury with her to play forever. BTW, Heidi was a beautiful dog.

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