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Ever since they were able to jump up My fir babies have always liked to sleep in one of the bathroom sinks
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Val, I’m so glad to see you back after your tragic’s never easy and it’ll take time❣️ Hope Bella is there for you more than ever😺
Thank You for liking my fur babies in the pictures and they are rather spoiled😂😂 Yes, I’m laughing because their favorite treats were almost gone and I ordered a whole bunch of can food, treats & grass seeds..Well one package arrived but no treats and found out they were shipped from the east coast and took an extra 4 days and arrived this morning…anyway about laughing…BoBo wasn’t happy with these other treats and he kept telling me in so many ways that it cracked me up…then this morning at feeding time, Luke started in saying no treats in our cookies, dry food..and he kept it up telling me in so many ways…Don’t say a cat doesn’t have a personality 😺😺

Hugs dear Val❣️🌸❣️


Nicco, Glad I checked back on my posts as my iPad is not taking any notifications 🙀

Yes, my little boys have grown up to be the very best indoor cats ever and being retired I take more time with them. They are groomed once per week and have their nails clipped by me..and they look forward to this routine 😺 These two have a very strong trust in me and never at any time use their claws but on their scratch posts 😺 Both love to put their paw in my face and never with the claws out😺Their coats are soft like silk and has a sheen to it and they love to be called Mr. Handsome or Pretty Boy😺

I have never heard of a cat like your Moyshe loving water..unusual for sure but I’m sure she was a hoot to you seeing her loving the rain, birdbath and your bath😺

I see Val stopped by and thanked you for your concern ❣️

Thanks Nicco❣️🌸❣️


Eva these are gorgeous photos of your fur babies just love seeing them thank you my friend. Thank you to you Nikki and Dobra for sharing my sadness Hugs dear friend ♥♥♥


I see the kittens in your avatar have grown into very fine & handsome cats! What beautiful coats they have. They probably think the sink is just for them as it is the correct shape to fit them! I had a cat called Moyshe who used to like to get in the bath with me - he loved water & would sit in the bird bath outside! He also used to like bringing twigs, branches & leaves in through the cat flap - not good when it was raining as, of course, liking water, the rain never bothered him! All my cats have been different, had different personalities, & had their own habits & foibles! I, too, love cats & it is so sad when we lose one or have to let one go. I am sad for Val's loss - please give her my best wishes. x nicco x


Dobra, we have soft and caring hearts for both people and animals and I say it’s a good thing❣️ Thank You Dobra❣️🌸❣️


Donna, Thank You❣️🌸❣️


Eva, I'm also sad about today's news from Val. How lucky we are to be able to enjoy the presence of our furry friends. Yours are especially nice! :-)


This is so very cute.


Janet, Thank You❣️ I’m laying here in bed and just found out about Val’s Lincoln gone over the Rainbow Bridge and I’m still crying…being softhearted over animals you have never met is nothing to laugh about..I was the same when Molly died..I guess I am a true Cat Lady❣️Hugs my friend❣️🌸❣️


Eva, they are both so cute. Thanks and hugs. ♥


Ardy this is the master bathroom and it has two sinks and they used to lay in both…I guess mine is used up for their comfort 😂..they also went into the sink in the guest bathroom that hubby is using and the same there, maybe that sink is also used up for their comfort😺 We know cats like the cozy compact comfy and soon they’ll be back in their beds all day again..They lay in them during the evening 😺This week has been just over 100F and that is cool for us and the cats have been around more..even the birds have been more comfortable and no open beaks..The last two days I haven’t served them any ice either and they didn’t seem to mind..We have another few days until the hot weather starts again 110F and up🥵
Thanks Ardy and take care❣️🤗❣️


Patsy, true and even when they were younger like in the bottom pictures, but each used both sinks at the time…They only lay in the sink during the hot summer days because the bathroom is much cooler with tiles and the a/c air keeps them cooler❣️ Thanks Patsy❣️🌸❣️


Works best in the sink is empty and dry. So cute, Eva. Maybe some company should get smart and make cat beds in the shape of bathroom sinks. Fun photos. Thanks. Hugs my friend♥♥

:-) A nice shape for a cat to curl up in. But this sink is only big enough for one.

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